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Pocket Monster cards
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When card collecting was just taking off in NZ (about 1989) I started to get interested in the hobby and noticed som cards at the local flea market. I bought a swag of them (because they were cheap) but now I have no idea what I have got. I have checked the obvious places (Jeffs HoC's) etc but cannot find any reference to them. They are all very prismatic on the fronts and the orange backs are all in Japanese (my vocabulary gets exhausted after suchi and sukiyaki)All cards are called Pocket Monsters and some cards (about 20) are all numbered 2 and others have a numbering system that exceed 160. Can anyone please point me in the direction of a listing??

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These seem to be japanese Pokemon cards. Good luck for finding a listing, it is really hard. I know, I had to do mine when I collected these.
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