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Rookie Cards
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I have noticed that the word Rookie Card has appeared in the descriptions of some Non Sports Cards lately.
A prime example of this is a seller is selling a Star Wars Wonder Bread raw card asking $15k describing it as a 9/io grade and a rookie card
The rookie title should not be used in the Non Sports world to up the price of a card and should only be used for Sports Cards
E Bay should have a formula were the description can only be attributed to the card and any embellishments not allowed to promote a higher gain in profit
I am not against profit be it in a legitimate form . But a lot of this can result in cases being brought against the seller then they wonder why
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Logic is sound, but once Impel 1990 Marvel Universe featured character cards that said the word "rookie" in big letters right there on front, the cat was pretty much out of the bag. Those give cover to anyone who want to apply the moniker to non-sports cards, and certainly to superhero cards.

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Yeah its true about Impel putting Rookie on a handful of newer character cards back then, but truly that didn't catch on as anything at all. Its just been since what, maybe 2 - 3 years, that the "rookie" concept started to be applied prominently on non-sport cards by some sellers. That's when speculators began mining for any characters or celebrities that appeared in older non-sport sets. The whole idea being another way to claim more value. My own favorite is the Drake "rookie" in that Bieber set. That invention made a standard base card into something special. Big Grin

eBay is not going to do any cleaning up of inapplicable hobby terms. Rookie cards belong in sports cards only, first appearance wearing a pro uniform, with pro team logos, in a licensed major league product, in the year they qualify as a rookie according to league rules. Try to apply that to Drake standing next to Bieber on a Bieber base card.

But it doesn't matter. You can't convince people of anything, no matter the logic or the history or all the generally accepted hobby rules that have always been. If they believe there are non-sport rookie cards, they will buy them and be happy to pay more for it. Wink
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The term rookie card makes no sense at all in entertainment cards for a variety of reasons.

First appearance, makes a whole lot more sense.
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Those “rookie card” and “first appearance” labels just give the potential buyers something to focus on as for some reason people like the earliest cards/comics of characters/individuals even when it’s not necessarily the rarest or most difficult to find of their cards/comics.
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