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Your top 10 pulls from sealed boxes
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This thread is for people who have pulled their top wanted cards (not from a case) Metal or found unexpected more premium cards than stated Eek (as I've noticed on the box breakdown threads ie - 2x autos in a box for Batman & Robin Eek, 2-3x autos in Buffy Season 5 Eek, 6x autos in Hercules Legendary Journey)...

I've not had much luck yet Shake Head to post for this, boo hoo... Shake Head

The Wheel of Time, IMO the best fantasy novels ever?

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OK I'll bite-

top 10 pulls from single or multi-box purchases, but not cases-

Andy Hallett as Lorne- Angel Season 2

Kelsey Grammer as Beast- X-Men: The Last Stand

Alyssa Milano as Phoebe- Charmed: Conversations

Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars- Veronica Mars Season 2

Beverly Crusher Dual Color Costume- The Quotable Star Trek: The Next Generation

Nicholas Brendon as Xander Harris- Buffy and the Men of Sunnydale

Amber Benson as Tara- Buffy: Women of Sunnydale

Bianca Lawson as Kendra- Buffy: Women of Sunnydale

and the best box ever for me: Enrico Colantoni as Keith Mars Autographed Piecework and Charisma Carpenter as Kendall Casablancas auto card from one box of Veronica Mars Season 2.

Val Smile

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Top 10

1.Dark Angel Jessica Alba(right after release)
2.Alias Season 2(this year) 1 box got Jennifer Garner autograph
3.Jericho Skeet autograph/Pieceworks
4.Supernatural season 1 Jensen Ackles(pulled 2 out of 4 boxes)
5.Supernatural season 2 Jared P. Autograph only bought 2 boxes

Those are my top 5 and about my only 5 good pulls Big Grin

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Hmm, I'm going to have to go off the top of my head but I can post at least my top 7 box pulled cards for now:

(in no particular order)

1. Battlefield Earth- John Travolta auto
2. LOTR: The Two Towers- Elijah Wood auto
3. Charmed Conversations- Alyssa Milano auto
4. Heroes- Tim Sale sketch (Isaac Mendez)
5. WWE Heritage- Hulk Hogan auto
6. Buffy: Women of Sunnydale- Emma Caulfield auto
7. Family Guy Season One- Mark Dos Santos sketch 221/534 (full color Pulp Fiction poster Lois)

That's all I can really think of that I've pulled from boxes for now. I've gotten some other great top end pulls, but a lot were from packs.
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These would be the top few I can remember right now

Buffy 10th - Buffy FF1 Pieceworks from 1 box
Battlestar Premiere - Katee Sackoff Auto from 1 box
Andromeda Season 1 - Kevin Sorbo Auto from 1 box
Smallville Season 1 - John Schneider Auto and Lana Pieceworks from 1 box

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I am pulling this from memory in no certain order so there could be others.

Bryan Singer (Xmen II)
Anna Paquin (Xmen III)
Carrie Fisher (SW Heritage...was from a case but given the odds even THAT was pretty good)
Star Trek Animation Cell (1 of 50)
Leonard Nimoy (Star Trek Animation)
William Shatner (Twilight Zone)
William Shatner (Outer Limits)
Arnold Schwarzeneggar (T-3)
Linda Hamilton X2 (T-2 artbox)
Miranda Otto (LOTR TT)
John Rhyes Davies (LOTR FOTR)

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1. Cat Staggs Full color KOTD sketch Evolution
2. Len Bellinger Han/Luke/Chewey Painted Sketch star wars 30th anniversary
3. Jeff Chandler Leia Sketch Star Wars 30th
4. Cat Staggs Boromir Sketch Evolution
5. Jeff Chandler Balrog/Gandalf Color Sketch Evolution
6. Len Bellinger Sam/eye of sauron Sketch LOTR Masterpieces
7. Wayne Gretzky autographed custom framed/matted jersey 1/10 card from Upperdeck 2001 sp authentic (cost em 120 to ship it even , their dime).
8. Adrian Peterson 3/10 quad signed jersey/rc
9. Wayne Gretzky 1979 OPC card 18 RC (single pack, paid 50+trade for it, best single pack pull of my life.
10. Steve Yzerman /25 autograph stick card 1999 UD reserve (back when that was something, first 1000+ dollar card i pulled) now, they are common to pull autograph memoribilia cards , but back then, it was a world changing experience lol.

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Not as impressive as the ones so far, and i've only got two! lol but my best pulls, from single packs where:

1) Karl from lost season 3 auto
2) Aberforth Dumbledore from Harry Potter; Order of the phoneix auto.

I was very pleased with, especially when they cost me less than 4 quid! Smile
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1) Legolas from a random packet from a box in TRU.
2) Wolf auto (cant't remember which set)

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Patrick Stewart as Picard: TNG Quotable (1 box)
Katie Cook- Claire with Mr Muggles sketch: Heroes Season 1 (2 boxes)
Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle: CSI Series One: (1 box)
Famke Janssen as Jean Grey: X-Men (1 box)
R15 Relic card Alien Newspaper: Stargate SG1 Season Nine (1 box)

That's my top five that I can think of for now.

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It has been some time (1995), but my best box was Hildebrandt Separate and Together. I pulled:
Medallian Card
Greg & Tim Hildebrandt Auto
4 Robin Hood Subset cards (set + extra)
8 MagnaChrome Subset cards (set + 2 extra)
Complete set


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I'd like to request that this thread is deleted on the grounds that it's depressing. Wink

Nice pulls everyone. I don't think I've ever really had any great luck!

My first EVER sealed box was BtVS s7 and I pulled the PW1 Tom Lenk costume card, with all the gold trim. And by gold trim, I mean there's literally barely any white cloth, there's just tassles, white threads, and loads of gorgeous stitching in gold wirey wool! I know there's others out there, but I think *mine* is especially beautiful. :P

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Great lists everyone!

Hmm...Not from a case and from a sealed box....I don't have my cards in front of me so I'm going to go off of what I remember. Here goes...

1)Buffy 10th Anniversary Stake Prop Card
2)Complete Highlander Hidden Archive Box
3)Charmed Destiny (right set?) Piper/Leo Dual Auto
4)Alias Season 1 Jennifer Garner Auto (from 1 box when it was 1st released to see if we liked the cards!)
5)Battlestar Galactica Premier Katie Sackoff Auto
6)Battlestar Galactica Season 2 Katie Sackoff Auto Costume card (This was a case ordering incentive that was inserted in the bottom of the box!)
7)Buffy Men of Sunnydale Evil Trio Triple Signed Card
8)Spike Complete Story James Marsters Auto/Pieceworks
9)X-Files Connections Scully Auto Pieceworks
10)X-Files Season 4&5 Scully Auto

In case you don't want to qualify the Highlander box as a "pull" here's the bonus #11

11)Buffy Season 5 Dawn Auto (from our 1st box of Buffy cards EVER!)

Off the top of my head these were probably the cards that we were most excited to have pulled when we got them! I'm sure I'm leaving off cards that might be worth more, but that's not the point! Big Grin

Interesting notes on this list: #7, 9 & 10 were opened on the same night during a SDCC! I'm pretty sure my wife woke up the room next door with her screaming!

The Dawn auto was the card that lit the card collecting bug in my wife. It was the 1st auto she had pulled and hasn't really stopped since!

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Two that stick out are

Batman & Robin movie - George Clooney & Arnie autos from the first box I bought.
Van Helsing - Hugh Jackman auto redemption in first box I bought.
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Here's my pulls from a box or boxes (not case)

Star Wars Vehicles:3-D card #2 and Redemption card for the 3-D card #3
Marvel Masterpieces:Temptress sketch by C.Hernandez
Star Wars Attack of the Clones Widevision:Jar Jar Binks and Watto auto's
Star Wars Revenge of the Sith Widevision:Amy Allen auto
Star Wars Evolution:Tim Rose (Admiral Ackbar)and Captain Neda.
Heroes:Peter Petrelli auto (was a case but bro nabbed random box) Big Grin

Been quite lucky getting 2 auto's in some of my boxes.

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From what I can remember...

• Viggo Mortensen auto from LOTR Chrome
• Karl Urban auto from LOTR Chrome
• John Watkins-Chow Boba Fett Sketch from SW30th (only one he did!)
• James Earl Jones auto from Star Wars Evolution - only bought one pack, at Target!
• Meng auto from WCW Main Event (never seen any other autos from that set, but I haven't really looked much)

And if we're including sports....

• Will Clark auto from 96 Leaf Signature (bought one pack and pulled my favorite player!)
• Jerry Rice 1/1 Prism Proof Set Redemption from 99 Pacific Prism Rookies Something-or-other
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Just started into Non-sports

Eowyn by Steven Miller LOTR M2
Obi Wan by Sarah Wilkinson Star Wars 30th

Mel Ott Cut Auto 7/7 2001 Legendary Cuts
Babe Ruth Triple Memorabilia 2003 Timeless Treasures
Mickey Mantle 6piece Memorabilia 10/10 07 Topps Sterling
Cal Ripken Jr Auto/Quad Memorabilia 7/10 07 Topps Sterling

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I'm glad that you all have had great pulls but my list just looks pathetic...

in no order:

Charmed Connections- Piper pw card (leather skirt redemption)

Breygent scifi/horror movie poster cards- a very detailed sketch card from Steven Miller. It almost looks exactly like the movie poster from 'The Fly'.

WitchBlade Disciples of the Blade- three autos instead of the stated two. Thought it was pretty neat and they weren't doubles.

WitchBlade tv series- a pw for the jacket and an auto that I needed for my master set. (it was a good box)

Charmed Conversations- An Oded Fehr auto, I was a big fan of Zankou.

I have a bad habit of buying more than one box of a title so I don't have a great variety and not even a top 10.

How depressing....

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Hollypop: I don't think it's depressing! Those are cool cards! The Witchblade Jacket PW is 1 of 2 cards I'm still missing for a master set! lol

The Charmed Connections PW Redemption card is cool too! Congrats!

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Here are a few of my faves:

1-Terry Farrell from 1 box of Quotable DS9
2-Torri Higginson from Stargate Atlantis Season 2
3-Rachel Luttrell from the same box!
4-Dominic Monaghan from a retail box of LOTR TTT
5-Joel Gretsch redemption from a single box of 4400 Season 2
6-Thor sketch by Jerome Moore from Marvel Masterpieces

That'll do for now - it's been a long day & I'm off to bed!

Goodnight all! Wave

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