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UK Dealers
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Whenever buying anything expensive from abroad I always calculate in an extra 1/3 of the price to take account of any VAT and RM charges. What really annoys me is when the seller has sent the parcel by expedited delivery, Royal Mail then sit on it for days. I try to tell sellers in the US it is pointless using expedited delivery as the ~$25 cost acts as a warning sign to customs to have a closer look at the declaration.

I am the exception that proves the rule!

So many cards, so little money!
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Originally posted by DeathStorm:
Originally posted by Sci-FiPlanet:
Try this on for size:

We print our cards in the UK and so we have to pay the now 20% "Value Added Tax" which is garbage to start with. Then we ship the blank sketch cards around the world to artists (as you do). Remember I have already paid the tax on these when they were printed... so the artists finish the cards and ship them back to me..... But wait... HM Customs stop the cards and adds another lot of tax on them for fun and profit. I'm being charged VAT on cards printed in the UK which I have already paid VAT on! Oh then you add the £8 "administration fee" to every package stopped, (this is on top of the of the 20%). Thats the price of doing business in the UK now.

The £8 service charge Parcelforce sticks on everything is a joke but why can't you reclaim the VAT?

Because they go of the value deceleration that the sender filled out, or there own valuation if they think the first is incorrect. I could try and argue the point but A it would cost me a lot of money, and B. I am quite sure my name and address would go onto a list someplace and all my mail would be put into the slow lane. It's a crappy system but what can you do.

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