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E Bay selling
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As much as I detest E Bay I have decided to start selling some of my surplus cards and E Bay seems to be the only platform available to me .
I have read what they have to offer and are thinking that E Bay Australia is the site to go for I possibly have approx 2000 items possibly more
A lot of NBA NFL Baseball Hockey Promos sheets pairs etc also a lot of Non Sports inserts promos etc
As I live in New Zealand I think it will be a hard thing to do
Can anyone give me info on what really goes on eg tracking ( is very expensive in NZ ) fees etc ,special deals or free listing E Bay offers . shipping Listing
I do not think that there is another platform althoug Facebook have a site would it be better to go there
Any Info will be appreciated
Thank You
Ross aka Piko
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You should never need to pay for listing, ebay does free listing all the time, they get their money at the other end.

Fees and postage will eat up about 30% of what you sell the item for.

Concentrate on selling the stuff that is really worth something, the rest of it is not worth your time.

Living in New Zealand you need to go on to normal ebay and sell worldwide, i would have thought there are not enough buyers in your part of the world for this sort of item

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Ebay are doing us more favours by removing the option select the location of the listings.
On the UK site, you used to be able search listings based in the UK only, in the EU countries or everywhere. You can't anymore.

I guess it's helpful for sellers.

My mistake. They've just made the option harder to find.

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Thanks for your replies this is why i have reached out for Information
There is practically no interest in NZ for this type of card
I mentioned Australia E Bay as there seems to be most items on it that are on the other sites
The main issue will be I think tracking as here it nearly costs a kidney
I am getting my list of what to do and how to go about it together go through E Bay selling setting up a E Bay shop etc then try and get something together
You would think that I should know all about this but I have only been buying and not really paying attention to the selling side .
Anymore info will be greatly appreciated
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