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Hmm Never heard of the Berkey or Sweet one. I wonder if they exist.. I'll have to keep my eyes open.. Thank you for the heads up.

But I do know for a fact the Brom one you are speaking of is not FPG. I believe it is for magic the gathering cards.. I have seen a few different Brom binders for MTG. I was confused about the Brom for awhile as well.

Sheesh here I am thinking I know of all the fantasy binders.. and then I run into a Michael Whelan II - Other worlds Binder from comic Images.

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darren at cards inc had loads of fpg boxes as i bought loads. I suspect there is probably some still about in the uk at the usual places. i think i know who bought the remainder when CI vanished but dont want to drop them in it in case i'm wrong.

How many cards do you have in your collection?:

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In the late 90's and early 2000's when the sales of non-sport cards may have been at their lowest point, and the supply have thoroughly overwhelmed the demand, it was pretty easy to get most FPG and comic Images sets on closeout for about $5 per box, and they could be shipped to you in bulk back then pretty cheaply since postage rates were still really low. Binders were also very cheap, too, just a few dollars, and some of them had autographed cards in them. I know one of the Wrightsons did.
I remember getting a 50 pound package loaded with FPG boxes and binders from one of the online companies that was liquidating the stuff off, for about $80, delivered, and taking a whole week to open it all and sort the sets.

That's only on the FPG and c.i. stuff from 1990 to around 1995, though. The sets issued in 1996 and especially 1997 and 1998 usually had small print runs, and are tough to find these days, certainly compared to the earlier stuff, which was produced in mammoth amounts.

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I often wondered what the last CI set was--maybe Godzilla or American Idol or The Apprentice circa 2005?

The last few years, they mostly did wrestling CCG cards
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I believe American Idol Season 6 came out in 2007. Godzilla was 2006.

The Apprentice, 24 Season 3, and Madagascar came out in 2005. Shrek 2 and Van Helsing were in 2004. The last fantasy art set might have been Boris & Julie: Strokes of Genius in 2003.

Let's see if the google-search method caught them all ...
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Well, well , well.
Looks like FPG finally has an official site. They must have just put it up this week

and yeah list of the FPG binders is on the site. The 12 Binders i listed. BAM!
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4. Every set had an auto (Achilleous had about 60!)except for three sets Best of Rowena, Femme Fatales and Best of Dave Dorman

5. Only Achilleous had a 90 card parallel set.

7. Albums (binders): Surprisingly only 14 of the sets had binders.

I missed this thread!

I can add to those 2 of them and ask about the 3rd one.

The various FPG sets, some had as few as 45 different autographed cards if you cared about the fact that the artists signed different cards in the set. Joe Jusko series 2 had 45 cards due to the fact that there are 14 landscape cards and the checklist card. Other artists skipped landscaped cards and others only skipped the checklist card while the rest signed everything. The most is Bernie Wrightson series 1 with 135 different autographed cards. All sets that had autographed cards had 1,000 signed ones except for Achilleos series 1, just 250 signed.

Achilleos had 2 parallel sets (silver and gold).

I am not aware of Berkey and Sweet having albums. Does anybody know for sure?

BTW, if anybody is interested in talking about autographed cards, you can always pm or email me.


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Originally posted by dpolis:

I missed this thread!


Lots of people do because they don't know what it is about. Modern collectors never heard of FPG cards, which I believe referred to Friedlander Publishing Group or something close.

Why not just say Fantasy Art Trading Cards and the pack inserted autographs from the various artists who were associated with that art form in the 80s and 90s?

Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't know why we don't use the term Fantasy Art more often because we really have a lot of new sets that I would put in that category. It's not exactly Boris or Olivia, but look at the sketch products put out by the Pernas, or Breygent, or all those really limited sketch based titles from groups of artists.

Couldn't it all be considered Fantasy Art without anyone mentioning FPG?
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Just been on the FPG site. There are a number of omissions. No Best of Rowena for instance.

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Originally posted by Raven:
Originally posted by allender:

I hadn't previously heard about the Berkey and Sweet "with my own eyes."

Coming across this thread again, I realized that I have the Darrell K. Sweet set. Do you want me to send you an extra checklist card for your list? Sweet also signed pack inserted autographs of each card, up to 1000, not on the checklist. I pulled one in a box.

Nevermind Jeff, I see that you have the checklist under S, not D. I guess you were referring to the binder here. Carry on. Smile
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I just completed my FPG binder set.
I have all 12 binders now Big Grin
Berkey and Sweet do not exist. ( I am pretty sure they would show them on the site if they did.. since they show the 12 binders).
Also if you have any questions try messaging the fpg official site... they got back to me pretty quickly.

Now I need to find the rest of the fantasy comic image binders...
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OK, here is some additional information/corrections to that listed.

The CCG sets numbered 12 and include:
Guardians Original, Guardians Revised, Dagger Isle, Drifter’s Nexus, Necropolis Park and Dark Ages. There are also the French language Guardians, Dagger Isle, and Necropolis Park, the German language Guardians, the Dutch language Guardians, and the French language Dark Ages. None of these was done in association with Wizards of the Coast. Only the Everway set was done in association with Wizards of the Coast.

There are six sets that were not autographed:
- Best of Dave Dorman, Femme Fatales, Everway, Masters of Fantasy, Best of Rowena Morrill, and the Art of TSR Colossal Cards.

The other 8 colossal sets all had autographs.
- All 10 artists signed the Colossal One Sets
- Only 9 artists signed the Colossal Two Series. Roger Dean’s autographed cards were not received in time to be included in the distribution of the Colossal Two Sets.
- Parkinson was the only artist to number his autographed cards (i.e. autographs 1 through 1500 of 1500 autographed cards).

There are 48 regular sized sets that were autographed (this includes the sticker sets). They are:
Achilleos One -1992; Achilleos Two - 1994 ; Berkey One, John - 1994; Berkey Two, John - 1996; Boris Sticker - 1996; Brom - 1995; Caldwell, Clyde - 1995; Canty, Thomas - 1996; Chadwick, Paul - 1995; Cherry, David - 1995; Dean, Roger - 1993; Devito, Joe - 1995; Easley, Jeff - 1995; Eggleton, Bob - 1995; Elmore, Larry - 1994; Foss, Chris - 1995; Hescox, Richard - 1994; Jones One, Jeff - 1993; Jones Two, Jeff - 1995; Jusko ERB One - 1994; Jusko ERB Two - 1995; Kaluta One - 1994; Kaluta Two - 1995; Kelly One, Ken - 1993; Kelly Two, Ken - 1994; Kelly Sticker - 1996; Kidd, Tom - 1995; Maitz One, Don - 1994; Maitz Two, Don - 1996; Mattingly, David - 1995; Parkinson, Keith - 1994; Ploog, Mike - 1994; Ploog Sticker- 1996; Potter, J. K. - 1995; Rowena Morrill - 1993; Ruppel, Robh - 1996; Sanjulian - 1994; Shaw, Barclay - 1995; Steranko, Jim - 1995; Suydam, Arthur - 1995; Sweet, Darrell - 1994; Vess, Charles - 1995; Warhola, James- 1995; White, Tim - 1994; Wrightson One - 1993; Wrightson Two - 1994; Wrightson Sticker - 1996; Wurtz, Janny – 1996.

Achilleos One had 250 autographed cards. It also had two parallel sets, a gold border and a silver border set.

The sticker sets had 500 autographed cards each. Only stickers 1-20 were signed in each sticker set.

Colossal One and Two each had 1000 autographed cards. All cards were signed (except for Dean)

All other Colossal Card Sets had 1500 autographed cards and all cards were signed.

Of the regular card sets, all cards were meant to be signed. The sets that had all the cards signed (with the exception of some checklist) are:
- Achilleos One, Berkey One, Dean, Hescox, Jones One, Kell One, Kelly Two, Parkinson, Rowena, and Sanjulian. Wrightson One had all 135 cards autographed including the black and white 45 card subset.

As for the remaining sets, the artists took “artistic liberty” in which cards they signed. The landscape paintings were not signed in the following sets.

- Achilleos Two, Berkey Two, Brom, Caldwell, Canty, Chadwick, Cherry, Devito, Eggleton, Elmore, Foss, Jones Two, Jusko One, Jusko Two, Kaluta One, Kaluta Two, Kidd, Maitz One, Maitz Two, Mattingly, Ploog, Potter, Shaw, Steranko, Suydam, Sweet, Vess, White, Wrightson Two, and Wurtz.

- Devito, Eggleton, Easley, Shaw, and Sweet also did not sign the bottom row of cards on their uncut sheet.

- Mattingly, Potter, Shaw, Vess, and White all had cards as the bottom row on another artists uncut sheet, so they were also not autographed.

Following is the APROXIMATE number of cards that were autographed in each regular set.

Achilleos One - 90
Achilleos Two - 60
Berkey One, John - 89
Berkey Two, John - 45
Boris Sticker - 20
Brom - 76
Caldwell, Clyde - 81
Canty, Thomas - 77
Chadwick, Paul - 59
Cherry, David - 81
Dean, Roger - 90
Devito, Joe - 74
Easley, Jeff - 67
Eggleton, Bob - 61
Elmore, Larry - 82
Foss, Chris - 45
Hescox, Richard - 89
Jones One, Jeff - 90
Jones Two, Jeff - 68
Jusko ERB One - 54
Jusko ERB Two - 45
Kaluta One - 70
Kaluta Two - 76
Kelly One, Ken - 90
Kelly Sticker - 20
Kelly Two, Ken - 90
Kidd, Tom - 82
Maitz One, Don - 72
Maitz Two, Don - 72
Mattingly, David - 49
Parkinson, Keith - 90
Ploog Sticker - 20
Ploog, Mike - 84
Potter, J. K. - 77
Rowena Morrill - 89
Ruppel, Robh - 80
Sanjulian - 90
Shaw, Barclay - 68
Steranko, Jim - 54
Suydam, Arthur - 49
Sweet, Darrell - 65
Vess, Charles - 71
Warhola, James - 81
White, Tim - 71
Wrightson One - 135
Wrightson Sticker - 65
Wrightson Two - 80
Wurtz, Janny - 44

There are, of course, also numerous exceptions to individual cards in the sets, but that is not covered in this discussion.

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That is amazing information, thank you for posting. I had no idea that certain artists only signed certain cards.
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Damn where did you find this information. Pretty much the most in depth i've seen. What was your source?
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