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needing help
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Does anyone know if any of these/Charmed OST came with the same/similar offer of exclusive promos/cards?

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Welcome to the boards orlando9 Wave
I heard a rumour that one of the Charmed OST CDs did come with promo card(s). I've never seen them though and I'm a big Charmed collector.

I know they definitely did a similar promo run with Smallville OST CDs. I believe you got a different (random) promo in every CD copy. But of course you didn't know which until you opened it.

I think some collectors found this frustrating since CDs were still $15 a copy back then. Expensive for a 'blind' purchase.
Don't know about other WB shows.

By the way, being more specific with your thread title means more people will be able to help respond to your question Thumb Up

Could you specify which Charmed OST you were referring too? Here's the images of them in order of release from the early 2000's to present:

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