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E Bay Sellers
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I sincerely doubt it is a US firm as the YouShop video on NZPost's website also takes shipments in the UK for delivery in NZ.
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Yes they also have one for China . I have not pursued that avenue yet I will have to as I want to get everything in order before I jump
And as Cats says I have a consumer T V programme here that I can reach out too also .
It is Saturday here over the weekend I will go through all the relevant E Mails that they have sent me and try and sort a timeline and what was said and done then see what I have got to argue with and who to go too
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Why not just go right to the top and sue Joe Biden lol.

Always blaming America and Americans is a hot take that never loses currency on the internet.

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Originally posted by Scifi Cards:
Actually, No.

The USPS's responsibility ends when they deliver it to the address you sent it to. Once there, it is out of their hands.

No different really than sending to a friend in the US to forward to you. The USPS is only responsible for getting the package from the seller to your friend. Just in this case, the friend is a business charging you for the forwarding.

It gets really messy with foreign taxes and duties. As I think you are finding out.


Whenever someone offers to save you money, or offers a workaround from an established channel to make something, faster, cheaper, or easier, there is a catch. There is something that is lost in the details, whether you recognize it or not.

In this case it looks like its eBay buyer protection and USPS claims. Things may never go wrong with a third party provider, but when they do you probably approved it in some service agreement. Good things to consider before you let third party entities store or ship your property.
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