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Has this ever happened to you?
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Everyone thinks of eBay first, but if you have a hobby store near you they might be interested in buying a SEALED box at less than SRP, that might be worth more to you. The advantage to the store is that it could sell the cards per pack, if there is no single customer willingly to take the box all at once. Your advantage would be no fees and cash in hand, but you will likely still take a loss.

But I would agree that you would probably lose more if you bust the packs in favor of individual sales, or even if you just try to sell the loose packs on eBay. People are suspicious of loose premium packs now and for good reason. Try to hold on to the sealed box until you get a reasonable offer from someone if you can. Lots of luck.

Cardfan Raven is right, try a hobby store. If you go on the manufacturers site they have a list of dealers who may help you. Whatever you do don't open your box, you'll be in an even worse position.

Tripe-frog I have to disagree there on this one, I don't think H&V was a great release at all. Lackluster autos, no costumes, no guarantee that even if you purchased two boxes you would make a set and all with a premium format.

Wolfie, I'm only new to this game but I've noticed the actual value of most cards is no where near the perceived value, especially Star Trek. I've managed to score boxes sometimes half price and even less than half price on both new and old releases. That tells me the boxes are overpriced or the demand isn't as strong as suspected. I recently purchased a multi case topper in pristine condition for only $60. Now that person had to spend over a grand to get that and all he got was $60. I'm not saying it's worth heaps but it did shock me that a somewhat rare card can't even fetch a hundred bucks. Look at TNG series 2, $950 a case at the manufacturers site, yet a couple of hundred will be knocked off the price in the secondary market.
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Cobalt_Blue I have to agree with your comments. It's almost impossible to break a couple of cases and make a profit unless you're very luck with big hits as the common autographs are virtually worthless and as for Base Sets you've almost got to pay punters to take them away, as a result I don't even take them to fares/shows.

I wonder if Rittenhouse actually sells any cases for the RRP?
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Originally posted by CardFan:
I purchased a box of premium Star Trek cards on a pre-order. The day after they arrived I was given notice of being laid-off. I then put the box up for acution at $550, a very reasonable price since I was also donating 10% to cancer research. Shortly after the auction began I recieved an email through the auction site from a potiential buyer wanting me to add a BIN option. I even asked him what was a fair amount. I edited the listing for the BIN at $650 and within 10 minutes he bought it.

Here is my problem, he never paid! Would not respond to any emails. I had to go through the auction site to nulify the transaction, give him 5 days to pay or respond. So now I've relisted (at a loss) prices are dropping and he walks away. Does anyone know if there is any penelty other than being taged with a failier to pay remark somewhere on his auction record?


Sorry to hear this. That really sucks.

Send me $100 in advance, his address, and a promise to pay expenses and the problem will be nullified. Wink

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A crappy situation to be in, sorry to hear this has happened.


Kelly Kelly! So nice they named her twice!
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When using the BIN feature, I'll usually pay pretty much straight away unless I'm also going to buy more than one item from the same seller. Sometimes when I don't have the money right away, I will contact the seller and arrange a date to pay for the item before using the BIN, I've done this many times in the past and I always pay on time, still got 100% feedback to.

I am the exception that proves the rule!

So many cards, so little money!
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Originally posted by wolfie:
Just reading this thread i wondered what this said about the percieved value of cards that a product that has only just come out is allready worth less than was paid for it and even at that price there is nobody who wants to buy it.

From where I sit, this is the state of the hobby right now. The best releases are being produced in limited supply, so collectors who want the title and can afford it are placing their whole order in pre-sale.

Now dealers with unsold inventory, or collectors who bought cases/premium boxes with the idea of selling some boxes/packs, have already lost the first wave of buyers. They can't bust packs anymore because the individual cards are likely to not come near the cost of the sealed product, but the buyers that are left after the first wave are looking only for deep discounts on the cases/boxes.

And buyers that normally want individual cards are also in decline because individual cards are harder to find when dealers are opening less of the sealed product, which is still not selling. But the cards that are available are priced too high because the sellers are trying to make up their money on what are mainly commons.

You notice that to a man, everyone's advice to Cardfan has been not to open the box. Yet he can't find a buyer for a box that should be in demand, even with a reduced price. Its all getting to be a vicious circle. Frown
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Final chapter, after relisting 3 times I finally sold this box. It was a breakeven transaction less ebay fees. Glad it's finally over. Thanks for all the advice and support.
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Glad it turned out more or less OK for you Thumb Up .
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