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Can anyone give me values on Anchor Bay cards?

Single card values if possible.
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There were a lot of different ones as the cards were released for a few years in a row. It seems most singles would be considered common promos, the kind dealers at shows sell in dollar binders.

Perhaps if any were packed with DVDs or were mail-in promos, those would be sold at a premium. As always, more popular subjects on the cards help value. There are several with Elvira on them, and she still has a lot of fans.

I have some singles from a few of the different series, and maybe 10 different doubles of those. I would be happy to trade with anyone who has some I don't have (which is most of them).

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In the latest edition of PCE (2008), Todd Jordan lists all AB horror dvd cards at $1 each, except the 13-card director set which are $4 each.

There are a total of 12 diff series of them (including the two diff series 9, variant version of series 1 from Canada, and MoH Director set)

Heres my opinion on collecting them & their value.

I find Series 1 and Series 7 to be the easiest to find.
I think Series 5 is the most difficult, and there are a handful of cards that I've never seen which I believe were destroyed & never released.

PCE doesn't list Series 8, and omits the last series 9 (the one with 7 cards). Guess Todd will add them in the next PCE edition(?)

My value for the majority of AB cards is $2 to $4.
Exception might be Lightning Bug from the Canada set which I value over $10.

I agree w/chesspieceface that some promos with Elvira or Bruce Campbell or a fav director, etc could be valued slightly higher (but still under $5)

A personal fav of mine is the Jennifer card (director Dario Argento)from Series 3. Its based on a Bernie Wrightson comic book horror story from the sixties.

I also have these to trade if anyone want to contact me... Hope this is helpful!
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