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YouTube - Orville Pack Brake
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Saw this in the comments over on Rittenhouse's Website (

"Someone here at Rittenhouse has to check out a Youtuber called JP his show is call …Egotastic FunTime! he is opening one pack of The Orville cards every day. I think you should try to set up some kind of sponsorship deal by either a monetary, or free cards. I think this would beneficial for both partied as he is advertising your product everyday. He is a great ambassador for both The Orville, and Rittenhouse. And deserves to be helped and recognized.

Thanks for your time."

I agree that this could be a great opportunity for Rittenthouse, as well as for non-sports card collecting in general to get some great exposure about their cards.

I know Beckett also shows some box breaks on their website as well - (but its mostly high end Star Wars) Would love to see them do more box breaks / and giveaways to help promote non-sports cards

I actually have a unopened box of Cryptozoic Arrow Season Four laying around. Let me know if anybody would be interested, and maybe I will set up a camera and do a box break and post it - Can do the whole box at once or maybe like this guy, 1 pack a day
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I'll be honest, most times I watch a video box break is if the product is from a company that is scared to reveal the insert breakdown or production numbers.

Rittenhouse doesn't have that problem.

I may, on occasion, check one out to see what the product looks like but generally speaking I know what titles will intrigue me to buy new product over shopping in the secondary market.

Just because it's rare doesn't mean it's valuable.
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I never watch breaks, except in group buy situations where its a matter of seeing who got the best pack/box. If it's just a product review and it's done by someone with a stake in selling the product, how do you really know?

But even if it's perfectly legit, what difference does it make? If you see a lousy break it may discourage you, but should a great break encourage you? Why would it, it's not yours. Big Grin
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I say give it a shot -- could be very cool!

I'd at least check your video out.

I haven't watched a lot of breaks.
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