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Holes in Autograph Sets
Silver Card Talk Member
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This may just be me but I am happy that Rittenhouse has stopped numbering autographs for newer set. The holes I have in Bond and Stargate bug me. I know that Rittenhouse has no control over when and if Stars get their cards back to them, however I was wondering what everyone thought about creating cards just to fill in that hole that mocks you when you look at the set. Over on Rittenhouse's site they are talking about A70 in the Stargate cards. If their was no hope of getting the card to fill the spot how about a rewards card that would fill it? Just thinking out loud..well typing at least.

Ok 1 more pack then I'am really..wait how many are left in that box?
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I think if there have been say 40 autographs released for a subject so far but for some reason numbers 15 and 35 were never released then the next time autographs are done for this subject the first thing would be to number two of them 15 and 35 not plow on as if nothing has happened leaving holes in peoples collections.

There must be something wrong with that statement as A)i wrote it and B)it appears to make perfect sense. Big Grin

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When you think back when autographs were being inserted there were maybe 4 to 6 autos in a set. If series/season 2 continued the numbering than it was 4 to 6 more autos. It was fairly easy to fill the holes (both my Tomb Raider sets are complete except for the A1 card in both). Now that releases have 50+ autographs in them, I can see why the cards are unnumbered. The days of finishing a master set are gone for those collectors who don't have a ton of cash on hand and can only get what they can afford. So, I am glad the numbering is gone.
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Yip A70 is a thorn in my side like A77 and A86 were before the Stargate Heroes set was released . But as i said on the Rittenhouse forums . Steve said there will be more Stargate sets in the future most likely SG-1. Cross your fingers for a hole filler lol .
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The missing numbers don't bother me at all, since I tend to collect EVERY card in the sets I do. So my checklist consists ONLY of the cards in a particular set, and once they are all gotten, I am happy, missing autograph numbers or not.
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I don't see why gaps in auto runs should bother anyone. In the case of Stargate, Bond, Star Trek etc. we know RA will be filling those gaps eventually. If they went out of business before filling the gaps, THEN I'd be annoyed!
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The only set I have with an autograph numbers gap that I am aware of is Scooby Doo 2, A3. That really bugs me because every time I look at the set it feels incomplete.

The other think that bugs me is a lack of signatures from some of the major stars.


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