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Toploader Sizing
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What's the right fit for a card in a toploader?

I put all of my autographs and costume/relic cards in an Ultra Pro [card] soft sleeve, and then the costume/relic cards go into an Ultra Pro toploader.

My question is, when is it too tight a fit?

Am I all good as long as I can get the card in there?

Will too tight a fit be an issue for keeping the card in good condition? If it's compressed too much for instance?

The smaller the size of the toplaoder the less space it takes up, and the cheaper it is - but obviously I don't want to skimp on supplies and end up not properly storing the cards.

Your thoughts, experiences?


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You really don't want to have the card compressed in the toploader. . . It could compress the edges of the card, and it'll be a real pain to get out down the road.

There are some relatively 'standard' sizes in the thick toploaders, but it's usually standard in a card set or manufacturer. . . If you can post which cards you are trying to protect someone might be able to tell you which toploaders work best. . .

Good luck!

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My rule of thumb is that you need to be able to get the card OUT of the topload without too much trouble. But you don't want it falling out either.

Unfortunately, there are at least 8 different sizes of toploads, so keeping around some of each is a challenge.


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