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Mac and Trouble
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Down below in the sketch card section, in 2011, there was a discussion about Mac and Trouble, cards about cartoon cats that was being made into a comic book.

I never read the post until now, and therefore just learned that the artist did promos P1-P3. There is also at least one other promo from an Allentown PA Comic Show. Has anyone seen these ?

I emailed the artist who created the comic the other day (he's here on Card Talk, but has only posted 4 times, the last time in 2011) but didn't get a response, unfortunately...
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Rusty Gilligan is a difficult man to contact. Believe me.

But it's not because he's rude or doesn't care.. he's just a bit scattered trying to get other projects done. I'm not sure what e-mail you used but I can try to contact him through Facebook if you like.

*I haven't seen the promo cards either*

A tout le monde, a tout mes amis - Je vous aime... Je dois partir
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I received a response. He still has all 4 promos available, P1 to P3 and the Allentown one. The email address under his profile here on Card Talk is still valid
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Hello guys, it's me Rusty... I am very sorry that I'm hard to contact.
'Hollypop' is right about being scattered and on other projects. I've been touring as of late between stores and conventions... I've just gotten back from the 2-day Rhode Island Comic Con, this week the new issue is in production, then on the weekend coming I have a PA show on Saturday, and a NY show on Sunday, followed by the 3-day Toys on the Hudson show.

My email is - please look me up there or on Facebook.

Once again, I apologize that I've been hard to reach. I wish you all good luck Smile
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