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Opening Graded cards
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Does anyone have any tips for opening graded cards?
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I use a small sharp screwdriver and just lever the two parts away from each other.

I don't need to tell you to be very careful whilst doing it.

Come, it is time for you to keep your appointment with The Wicker Man.
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It's a good idea to wear googles or other protective eyewear. I thought I was being careful when I pried apart a case a few years ago, but a chunk of plastic with sharp edges broke off and went flying into my face. Fortunately, I wasn't hurt, but now I make sure I'm protected when I free a slabbed card.
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I don't believe in graded cards, but I've got one, so I guess I'm a hypocrite, but who isn't? The card is dated 1945 and is graded VG-EX 4, whatever that means. Do you think I should take it out of the holder?
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A VG-EX 4 (very good to excellent) is actually a poor grade and would be totally unacceptable in any modern card, however you have a vintage card if out of a 1945 set. Vintage cards are not held to the same condition standards because so few have survived in any kind of decent shape. Its not like today when cards go from pack straight to plastic holder, vintage cards get their rarity from having been destroyed and beat up.

While it won't command top dollar, a VG-EX 4 vintage might be close to the average grade for that particular card. It might even be above average. It really depends on the book value of the specific card you are holding, how hard it is too find in good condition, how many of them have been submitted for grading, and the scale of grades given.

If someone thought enough of the card to want to grade it in the first place, it might be worth it to leave it slabbed even at a 4.
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It depends on the grading company. If it is PSA you can easily split them apart with a flathead screwdriver. Just slowly pry at an edge and work your way down. If you are cracking a BGS case it is more involved. I use a dremel with a cutoff wheel. I cut off the label part of the case and then pry it apart with a screwdriver. I have heard of people drilling a small hole in the case and prying it apart using the hole but I have not tried it.
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I only did it once on a pair of cards I won, I don't remember which company graded them, but there was a ridge all the way around the card, I broke the ridge off with a pair of pliers and then pried the holder apart with a screw driver. . . It was nerve racking.

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Thanks for the suggestions. 5 are Beckett and 1 GMA. I usually wouldn't mess with graded cards but they were too cheap to pass up. The most I paid for one was $4.05.
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