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Basil Wolverton
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The most recent issue of NSU has, in the "New & Noteworthy" column, a statement from Richard Parks who is producing the new Basil Wolverton set Barflyze: "Barflyze Trading Cards will be the first time in over forty years that Wolverton's work has been represented on a series of trading cards."

Strictly speaking, that isn't true. I know of a couple of sets in recent years that had Woverton cards.

Wolverton's art for the cover of Mad Comics #11 is in the Lime Rock set of Mad Magazine cards. You can almost make it out here:

The 1993 Eclipse "Famous Comic Book Creators Update" set had a card featuring Wolverton.

And the 1995 Comic Images "Golden Age of Comics All-Chromium" set had a card with the cover of Target Comics #7, which had Wolverton artwork.

I realize that Parks was probably trying to say that there hadn't been any entire series of cards with Wolverton art, but I wanted to point out a couple of cards he may have not known about. Wolverton was a great, if under appreciated, artist.
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He was an obvious major influence not only on most humor comics artists, but even on the greatest comics writer of all-time, Alan Moore. Basil's work is first-ballot Hall of Fame stuff, for sure.

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Actually, none of those are Wolverton trading card series. To the best of my knowledge 'Barflyze' is the first Wolverton trading card series in 40 years (the last Wolverton series, I believe, was in the early/mid 1970s -- Ugly Stickers -- which was basically a reprinting of a 1960s Wolverton series of stickers).

Richard Parks
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