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X MEN FIRST CLASS (Spoilers!!)
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Yeah, I would have definitely bought the cards from this movie. I read a review here that said Kevin Bacon's performance brought the movie to a screeching halt every time he was on screen, which I totally disagree with, I had no problems with any of the castmembers. And while I concede your errors Freddy, I still liked the movie a lot, as you did. Another movie that has GLARING scientific errors is OUTLAND, but I still love that one too, even though much of it makes no sense if you think about it.
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Originally posted by Freddy:
I saw "X-Men First Class" today and I thought it was pretty darn good movie. Almost to the point of being very good movie, but what stopped it from being very good movie was a historically inacurate action that wasn't shown. And there was also a pretty big continuity error, too. {SPOILER ALERT!}

Now for the continuity error {if you didn't see the movie, stop reading}. When Eric is finally going to get his revenge on Kevin Bacon {sorry I forget his characters name}, Professor Xavier is doing his "freezing thing" on K.Bacon. Now, Eric is going to put the coin through the head of the man that shot his mother, and Prof. X knows he's going to do it, so my question is....why doesn't Prof. X unfreeze K. Bacon so he's not killed by Eric ? The scene was pretty wild and Prof. X's anguish feeling the guys death, in slow mo too, was pretty intense. But as it was happening that's all I kept thinking about...'unfreeze him and he'll get out of the way'or at least he might try.


First of all this is not a continuity error. A continuity error is concerned with the consistency of persons, objects, places etc. over a period of time. An example of a continuity error would the length or placement of a characters hair alternating within the same scene because the scene is in reality composed from multiple shots that were not necessarily filmed in the order in which they are shown. Or Obi-Wan Kenobi not knowing who R2-D2 was in Star Wars Episode 4 when he'd beeing hanging around with the droid in Episodes 1-3. (Pretty big continuity error there George!!!)

Your annoyance seems to be at the thought of it being a 'contrived' plot device: being used in a way solely to create dramatic effect, rather than for any practical effect because as you say it is 'wild' and 'intense'. However I'd have to disagree with you because it's a brilliant scene which sums up what the two main characters are all about.


Xavier cannot release Shaw from being 'frozen' because if he does then Shaw will a) kill Eric, and b) unleash the power he absorbed from the Nuclear reactor to destroy the US and Soviet ships, thereby instigating WWIII. By having Xavier keep Shaw frozen, he has to suffer/feel the assault Magneto inflicts on Shaw too (the coin through the head), which in itself gives us two things:

1) It shows that Xavier is selfless and willing to edure pain to protect his friend (and rest of world) from anhilation. Because Shaw is so powerful, Xavier cannot manipulate Shaw's actions to stop him (as he does with other characters throughout the film) so has to simply keep Shaw 'frozen' and is relying on Eric's compassion not to kill Shaw. Ultimately Xavier cannot convince Eric to give up his quest for revenge.
Xavier is all about the 'bigger' picture, he wants to save lives and help others.

2) It shows that unlike Xavier, Eric is not selfless and is willing to inflict pain on even his best friend if it means achieving his goals. By killing Shaw, Eric saves the rest of the world from War (moreso than Xavier) but that was not his aim, it was incidental. All he wanted to do was murder a man to make himself feel better.
Eric is all about his emotions and ideologies.

By worrying about whether Shaw could have got out of the way I fear you may have missed the point somewhat!

I saw the film today and was blown away. It was well casted, well acted, had good direction, rousing score, and great visuals. It was superb. I was not as keen to see a X-Men prequel but this came in under the radar with little fanfare and by most accounts has surpassed everyone's expectations, including mine. So good I'll forgive the fact 20th Century Fox went with this instead of X-Men 4.

Some of the secondary mutants were a little weaker but that is a small gripe as they were not the focal point. Fassbender was so good as Magneto, the scenes where he is hunting down the ex-Nazis were particularly watchable, the soundtrack really working wonders here. I also thought Kevin Bacon made an excellent villain. Him and January Jones as the leaders of the Hellfire Club were better antagonists than anything seen in the previous X-Men films. The final scene where Eric breaks Frost out of her prison and adopts his new mutant moniker and costume was a great way to go out and has me chomping at the bit to see the next one.

I'd recommend it to anyone with even a passing interest in comic book movies. This movie really could have done with a card set.

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