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USPS Service
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What is up with the USPS service
On the News Sat night there was an item that the USPS had suspended all Parcel Post to Australasia and other places
Dont know if Covid has anything to do with it but the Delta variety is starting to spread here so far it has been contained in an area but has just escaped over the weekend.
But anyone heard about the parcels suspension.
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All service to Australia and New Zealand at the moment.

It is because of COVID, but more precisely the lack of transportation available with the limited flights.

Odd thing is eBay states their "Standard International Shipping" will still get through. I assume they are using couriers to handle bulk packages until they get to the destination country.

Strange times indeed.


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Don't worry, you can still get parcels using their most expensive Priority Express service. Big Grin
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I don't think you can blame USPS for bad mail service in certain parts of the world. I'm only reading the news because I'm not there obviously, but Australia is not allowing its own citizens to move around in some sections of the country. New Zealand is locking down whole areas when one person tests positive. People want to stay safe, but if zero tolerance is the goal, more than the mail will stop.
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I have a new product release with at least one Australian client and we aren't sure how to address it. Obviously I want them to have their cards and the price between PM (which I already use for them) and their express mail isn't the worst but it's not great (about $30). I already had to turn down alnother customer cause his postage would have been insane for the value of cards. I've got them in a stack for him if it ever works out.

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NZ Post have not put out a notification on this
The same goes for E Bay who have their GSP system wich is not affected by this
And they seem to of got onto it already
I have had an offer on a lot for $12 US approx $17.31 NZ but here is the kicker through their GSP shipping it is going to cost me $18.39 US shipping and $9.44 Import charges and in New Zealand there are no import charges so I am already getting ripped off the total including the item is going to cost me approx $60 NZ no wonder E Bay are not making a fuss they must now be creaming it over this as this seems to be the only way to get international shipping parcels now. I suppose that if any one wants to sell Internationally the only way is through E Bays GSP otherwise wait until the suspension is lifted. By then E Bay will have everyone signed up to their GSP and no going back as I am sure that they will find a way to keep you locked into it.

Although the Covid Delta variety has been in NZ for about 50 days it has been contained in the Auckland district who are supposed to come out of lockdown tomorrow but over the last couple of days it has broken out in the neighbouring province so I suppose there will be more lockdown
The Province I live in has never had a case of Covid although lockdown laws apply I have never had any trouble travelling or going through checkpoints even though there are smaller towns closer to me it is a 200 mile round trip to the big city as i have been vaccinated and there has been a good job done of controlling the virus I suppose you could say I am a bit blase about the virus and travel anywere and when I like within all other areas.
But it seems that this is the reason that there is not enough delivery servises available for USPS to be able to get parcels delivered although I have heard that the USA could be getting the virus under control
As for Australia it seems that the population dont care and do what they like NSW had over 1000 cases yesterday but like USA there are different laws for different states
As NZ has one for the whole country except lately there has been lockdowns in areas were the virus has popped up. But we are being warned that life will never be the same as before the virus.
It seems unusual that there is not more info out there about this suspension of parcel delivery and why it is being done and how it is going to be handled after all it has been a news item it is not a military secret.
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