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Filling in old parallel sets
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Going through a bunch of my card sets in preparation for the upcoming Philly Non Sports Show. See that I have a bunch of sets where I bought 1 or 2 boxes, so have a complete base set, and some of the parallel sets (some more than others based on the odds and size of the parallel set). This got me thinking of the best way to complete some of these sets.

1. Do I by a new box and hope to get some of the cards I need? Some sets are old, so not even sure if boxes are still available, or what they would cost. Also would be a bit strange opening a box when only hoping of getting a few cards I need.

2. Do I go to the auction sites and buy either the cards I need (one at a time), or an entire set (and then what do I do with the cards I already have)?

3. Are there people out there who will trade for cards I need? I usually do not have may duplicates to trade (other than some base cards)

4. Walk around the Philly Card show with a checklist and see if somebody has some Star Wars Evolution Update Edition Etched Foil Cards, or Star Trek Cinema 2000 Dr. McCoy Tribute cards I am looking for.

How do other small time collectors like myself go about filling out there sets, or are they simply happy with what they have
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Very similar to my thoughts on my incomplete American Horror Story parallels.
I used to go on that auction site, but didn't feel like buying whole lots with duplicates that would just be lying around. Practically no chance of trading them as I'm probably the only collector in Belgium. Am I?
Not a single card show here.
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While I have never done Philly, these are the types ought cards that usually end up in my 50¢ or $1 boxes. I'm sure that a list and some time would do you well at the show as other dealers likely do the same.

Feeling happy? Then rip open a box. Feeling blue...then rip 2!
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If you want cards the philly show is your best bet
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email sent
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I, as well as plenty of other dealers set up at the Philly show, will have tons of inserts/parallels/sets/etc.
The best bet is to bring your lists and just ask.

I have also been known to fill want lists for customers who provide me with their needs before the show and I will bring the cards with me. It saves time for the customers and lets them shop for other things knowing they already have those needs covered. I am sure other dealers will do the same if asked.

Hope that helps.

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