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Since my last post, I've been looking for more info on medallion cards. Here's one with the serial number printed on the gold sticker. It appears very few other sets had the gold sticker - maybe just the first couple/few. I have seen one from another set that has a gold sticker with the number hand-written on it.

I also noticed that the early medallion cards were rarer (2 per case) than the later ones (4 per case). I think a case of Comic Images contained 12 boxes back then though I'm not sure that was the same over the years.

From what I've seen, Comic Images made medallion cards for their 1994 and 1995 sets, but by 1996, it appears they discontinued that level, switching to autographs as the rare card instead.

As shown by Btfannz in the original post, the company went with a few different back designs (at least two in 1994 alone) to go with the full bleed fronts.

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