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Star Wars Galaxy 7
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I'm really psyched for the new Galaxy set. The best part is Topps got rid of the die-cut cards. Not only did they always appear to be the lowest quality cards (exception being the Appro Nation Galaxy 5 pendent style) but the shapes were ridiculous and gimmicky.

I'm looking for any Mara Jade sketch cards and would definitely be willing to trade sketch cards from any of the star wars sets/artists for her.

I've already opened several boxes and pulled the following artists.

Artist Sketch Cards
Brandon Kenney
Brian Rood
Denae Frazier
Erin Kanalish
Gabe Farber
Jason Hughes
Lawrence Rynolds
Michael Locoduck
Randy Siplon
Scott Rorie
Ted Dastick Jr.

Hayden Davis
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I'm looking for print plates from this set. I'll be making a trade thread soon.
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