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Hey guys,

After attempting and currently shelving my attempts to create a licensed Hannibal set, I'm looking to create a personal set. I have the card artwork done at standard trading card size, but was wondering if anyone knew anywhere that does good printing?

Also, has anyone got any experience with through the mail successes? I'm stuck in Northern Ireland so have very little exposure to conventions etc, so not sure how else I could get the autos done.

Any pointers/guides would be appreciated!

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No recommendations on the printing front but I'd keep your eyes on convention appearances, Gillian Anderson has done a couple of signings, as has Mads Mikkelsen, the latter as recent as last weekend in London.
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Noticed you also post on the blowout forum. They have a convention mule thread where you can ask people going to conventions to get something signed for you.

Gillian Anderson is currently scheduled to appear at the big show in Toronto next month.
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