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So I've been thinking of starting a thread where card collectors can give other card collectors the heads up on good autographs or other hits that are in the common range. By good I don't necessarily mean they will go up in value, just that they should have a demand that is greater than the common hit and maybe it will go up.

There have been some sleepers lately and the biggest one is the Meghan Markle Fringe auto. However even something like the Trump Apprentice auto, which was never a common card in that product, could be considered a sleeper since no one was interested until they were interested. Big Grin

Anyway here's 3 quick ones that I offer as an example and perhaps it will generate some interest for someone. Please drop in your own examples and maybe we can give each other ideas. These autos are all no better than common.

Jenette Goldstein - Star Trek Movies, an oldie, but the only certified auto of the actress best know as Aliens' Private Vasquez. For some reason UD has not gotten her to sign yet for the new Alien series, maybe the next one.

Troye Sivan - Wolverine Origins, just a kid in the movie, but now a singer with a new album. Maybe a nobody or the next Bieber?

Hannah John-Kamen - Game of Thrones Season 6, plays Ghost in Ant Man and the Wasp. Maybe a nobody, but she already has one better movie than Emilia Clarke has done in her 3 or 4 films so who knows? Wink

Anyway, that's the general idea. Hope to read of some sleepers. Smile
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Funny you mention X-Men Origins: Wolverine... I remember when the Ryan Reynolds auto from that set was a cheap-ish card at release. Maybe an OLD 'sleeper'!

Another was James Earl Jones. I remember passing on his Star Wars Heritage auto for £40 a year or two after release, was never a mega expensive card. Try finding him on an official SW card these days for less than £150 and some of his other SW autos can go for A LOT more. I bit the bullet on his 2015 Masterworks 'base' auto for £130 at release because I couldn't see him being a cheap card ever again. One sold last Xmas on eBay for just shy of £600 Eek
I don't think that one sale is indicative of current value but does indicate a card is ready for a future climb in price because they usually push up the old 'going rate'.
David Prowse may have worn the suit but JEJ made Vader the pop culture icon he is. He has pretty much stopped signing TTM, has not signed for Topps in several years and is pushing 90 years old. Look what has happened to Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill autos the last few years. Star Wars fans will always be many and rabid. So..
Option A: if you want Jones on a SW card, find one as cheap as you can as soon as you can.
Option B: his Conan auto from Rittenhouse can often be had for relatively little money and features an on-card signature and an actual image of the man.

Another one that is not a common but represents a good buy IMO... Roger Moore. As the years have rolled by he has revealed himself to be very willing signer for Rittenhouse, not to mention Topps, Leaf, Panini, Cards Inc. & Unstoppable Cards. He has suppressed his own cards' values but who cares? If you're a fan, now is the time to pick up a card. They're seemingly all out there now and prices are some of the lowest I have seen, even for his main role as Bond. Take your pick before they disappear into collections.

Not one card but rather a group: The Simpsons cast autographs from Inworks 10th Anniversary & Mania sets.
How these have stayed so cheap after all these years I do not know. I know the show is not what it was, but again like Star Wars, it is a piece of pop culture and the classic years are untouchable comedy IMO.
Sometimes you see US sellers move these cards for next to nothing. I think I paid $50 for Dan Castellaneta, Harry Shearer and Yeardley Smith 10th Ann. auto cards a couple years back. Surely the autograph of Homer Simpson is worth more than that alone?!

After Inkworks dumped all their stock when they went bust, an official Bond auto card of one of our greatest living actresses (Judi Dench in The World Is Not Enough) has been very affordable for a few years now. Sometimes she doesn't even crack $20. Clearly she signed many but they may just run out one day! Her Chronicles of Riddick auto is often another very cheap option.

Finally Ian McKellen. Dynamic Forces released 2,500 copies of his X-Men: The Movie promo card featuring his signature and can often go for dirt cheap on eBay. I think many don't even know what they are so they are not described well by sellers (despite the fact they all came with a card sized numbered certificate from DF) and consequently potential buyers might assume them fake. The signatures were all black ink on a dark background and a bit difficult to see, but I prefer the 'moody' look to the promo over his pack inserted auto card.
Or, cheaper still, I have seen his The Prisoner autograph card from Factory Entertainment sell for £2-3 in eBay auctions. If you want just a signature of the man that price is ridiculous.
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Not that it is a sleeper autograph or anything, but it has always struck me that Jennifer Hudson's American Idol autograph can be found for $15 easily -- she's won an Oscar and 2 Grammys.

Zoey Deutch has autographs in Vampire Academy. She's been in a bunch of movies -- this was very easily found for under $10, looks a bit higher now. Claire Foy (Golden Clobe for The Crown) is also in this set, and can be found for under $10.
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I couldnt resist getting the Claire Foy card paid about a £5 for it.

Always found the thunderbird prices incredible Sir Ben Kingsley last sold for £12, Sophia Myles in that set too.
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For Modern Family fans, Vampire Academy also has Sarah Hyland autos.
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