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I have been collecting trading cards since the mid fifties. I started with the World Series Cleveland Indians in 1954 & 1955. Then it was Topps Airplane Cards (still working on that one). Later it was The 'Jack Davis' Funny Valentine and Monster cards in 1959. All Topps. I collected novelty, movie cards etc. off and on throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s. When trading cards saw a revival in the 90s I collected everything I could. It was because there was so much product that I started to collect promos. If I could not own the set, at least I would have a representation of it.
With Comic Con there were lots of promo cards to be had. That was were I heard of NSU and their get-togethers. I bought the magazine and traded on line with Card talkers. At first there was a lot of help from members. Thank you all. They even added categories that were of special interest to me like Promos and Set Building. I felt at home. But things seem to have changed over the years. Collectors seem a little more retentive. More interested in making a good deal than trading. I have always been a generous trader. Willing to trade something I have a duplicate of for something I don't. Getting the best of a trade was not my goal.
When my lists got deleted from Set Building it was a wake up call for me. Maybe it is time to retire from the hobby. I am not really interested in collecting autographs or bits of fabric. I still get a thrill when I complete a base set. I remember finding a Jack Davis "You'll Die Laughing" card from 1959 that I needed to finish a set. I had worked on it for over 30 years. A great day. I hope there are still a few of those left.

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Jack Davis "You'll Die Laughing" card from 1959

Haven't seen nor heard much about that 1959 Topps YDL set lately... but its one of my fav vintage card sets!

Also recommend 1992 You Slay Me which is another funny monster set worth owning.
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