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Are you a case buyer?
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In the box break thread I have been noticing more and more case breaks posted. In other threads collectors have been discussing the merits of buying cases.

Obviously card dealers break cases on certain products, but it wasn't that long ago that buying a box meant you were a serious collector. I still buy only boxes, individual premium packs, or single cards and I always thought I bought more than the average collector. Now with all this case talk, I don't know!

So my survey question to collectors is, how many of you really buy cases and how often? Please comment further if you have anything to say on the subject.

Results (42 votes counted so far):
Are you a case buyer?
18 (43%)
  No never
13 (31%)
  Only for 1 or 2 titles
  Yes for more than 2 titles, but not always
  Yes always
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Contest Czar
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There may needed to be a slot for "Former" case buyer. In the past I purchased cases of a ton of Inkworks releases, Smallville 1,2,3,4,5 Charmed Forever, Both Tomb Raider movies, X-files, 4/5, 6/7, 8, and 9. However, time has changed. I have a second child now. I spent a time out of work. IF I had the extra cash, Yes, I would buy a case. The gang at Crypt. are putting out a ton of sets close to my heart. However, It is just going to be a few boxes of each for me know.
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Well, I have never bought a case of anything. But it looks like I may have to for anything I want to make a master set of.
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I never bought a case in my life time as i'm one of those collectors that dont make master set only get single cards from set that i want to add to my collection
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Picture of robomole
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I rarely go for a master set, but when I do, a case is really the best way to go, especially if the set is huge.
For example, last year the only case I purchased was Thor, because I was going for a master set, and the darn film cell cards alone would be death to collect individually, let alone the other chase sets, rare autographs, and plentiful memorabilia cards.
This year my plan is for 2 cases, Smallville and Avengers Assemble. I'm going for a master set of both, so it just feels more practical to purchase cases, and sell the doubles to purchase more cards.
Other sets I'm interested in, such as Spartacus and Bond 50, I only collect certain cards, so to buy cases/premium boxes, when I don't even want 80% of the set's content, would be counterproductive and a waste of time and money. In these situations I just by the cards I need off ebay.

*I chose the 1 or 2 a year option*
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I answered with my collector hat on and said never.

Collecting one Marvel character, it does not make sense to buy boxes or cases and hope.

Closest I've come was a 1/2 case of Dawn 20th anniversary for my PC.

With a focused collection, cases just aren't the way to go.


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I voted "Only for 1 or 2 titles"
I think I have a bit of OCD because if it's a set I'm interested in collecting I have to have all the cards avaiable, so I'm definitely a Master set collector. I've only bought one case so far in my 5 years of collecting, which was a case of the Vampire Diaries. Mostly because it's the first time I've been able to afford one, the cost of living gets in the way too often for me, and I saved up a long time to get that one Big Grin.

My one rule with collecting cards is I never use my credit card, only what I have available in savings set aside for collecting. So I miss out alot of the time when I see cards that I would really love.
The only other set that I'm definitely getting a case of is Cryptozoic's Fringe and I'm thinking about a case for Game of Thrones when that finally rolls around, I'll see how it goes anyway.
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I am but most sets being released now make it a losing game, you simply can't make your money back on the random sketches unless you're especially lucky.

As a collector I'd rather have the sketches I really want, it'll probably cost the same anyway.
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I occasionally buy a case, but rarely. Normally I can't resist the Bond cases, but I was SO incredibly dissapointed in the contents of my MISSION LOGS case that I am now very hesitant to buy another.
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I buy 4-6 cases for every bond release as that is my collecting focus

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I have purchased cases for a few titles.
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I used to regularly buy cases when you could get a master set out of one.Once you started needing to buy multiple cases to complete the master set I stopped.However recently I have started again with the premium pack releases like Warehouse 13 and Eureka and also the sketch heavy releases like Vampirella.

The main thing now is that I am much more careful about what I buy and don't normally pre-order but wait until after release.Sometimes I miss out but more often than not I pick up a case much cheaper by waiting a couple of months after release.
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Cases? Cases? OMG it takes me half a year to even decide if I can afford a BOX let alone a case. Not to mention that since the only source of cases is the US the likes of Tegan and I are looking at more than the cost of the cards to ship it to Australasia. I am a completist but I've found out that patience is a virtue (mother always said)and I will eventually get my master set one card at a time. Not to mention the exquisite elation and joy at finally getting that very last needed card. To me that is the pleaseure of collecting.

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I bust cases now. This year I've busted a case of The Walking Dead so far. Should be busting a case of The Guild today or tomorrow. Have 3 cases of Fringe preordered, and will probably preorder a case of the new SI set.

I'll probably do 2 or 3 cases of Smallville depending on the checklist as well as 2 or 3 of Castle.
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It's mainly Trek cases that I bust (just done 2 TNG) but have been known to do others especially Breygent's releases.
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It's my aspiration to be able to afford a case of a great product - hopefully one day soon!

I could afford a case (Looking at Big Bang Theory or Vampire Diaries) a few weeks ago but then life got in the way and it's been a set back!

To be able to afford caseS plural would be amazing. When I started collecting I always imagined how wonderful it must have been to open a case of Charmed or Buffy (any of the set) cards!! Drool

I do enjoy opening boxes though - I got through about 17 Charmed boxes across all the sets ranging from 1-5 boxes/release. No complaining here. Although I know it's not 'a lot' compared to buying 1-5 cases/release! Eek

Ps Not sure what I'd so with about 10-15 spare complete base sets though Confused

Great question by the way Big Grin
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Picture of kane1
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I'm more a base card set and regular chase set collector. So buying a sealed case isn't my interest and is too far from my budget. Right now, I'm buying items to my collection from the sales I get from the duplicates/extra cards. I enjoy opening boxes/packages, but for example $500 is too much to spend in just one series that maybe will be difficult to sell the duplicates.
Posts: 242 | Location: Puerto Rico | Registered: December 15, 2005Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I only bought star trek cases over the years from about 2000 until 2010 .... from then I seems to be on a tax blacklist which added nearly 40% of costs to each case.... maybe I would like a case of the new warlords of mars but I better collect it at new york airport myself and have some fun out there in the meantime Smile Smile
Posts: 36 | Location: Rotterdam,The Netherlands | Registered: June 28, 2003Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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