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Hi. I'm new here.

While cleaning my stuff, I recovered my Wolverine comics that has the green hologram on its cover. It brought some childhood memories. I recalled not having money to buy the hologram cards I wanted back then (Marvel & DC). The next day I immediately hoarded each of all the hologram cards I fancied back then. LoL

Pardon for the many questions that I listed here, but I am just very ignorant with these holograms.

Anyway, so here are my questions:

1) Is there preferred or necessary storage or maintenance method for the holograms? (I have those Polaroid ones)
I have some basketball card holograms (also from the mid to late 1990's) and they are still the same in quality. How about these 3D holograms like those Marvel Universe in green/red/blue tints?

2) Are they as sensitive as those autographed cards? (Which sticks to other cards, sleeves or case after some years.)

3) I plan on displaying them on a glass cabinet and put some white led lights so the the 3D hologram effects are visible, is this ok? Or will the light degrade the card?

4) I had just recently known that there were green, yellow, red, and blue tints of the 3D hologram card variants of Spider-Man, Marvel Universe (1994) and Spider-Man VS Venom. I can't find some info from the internet about the ratio of the rarity of these tints. Could you help me on it?

5) I read that the blue tint is the rarest, but why is it that I saw many being sold or auctioned on ebay?

6) There's a seller on ebay that claims that the spots on blue holograms are factory defect. But it seems to me that it isn't. Am I right in thinking that it is an effect of degradation? What could be the cause of that?

7) Are blue and green tints considered blue variant? I saw some cards being claimed as blue tinted although they are green or red or yellow on some angles.

8) Is the bluegreen tint considered blue variant? I mean those cards that have consistent bluegreen tints in every angle, not one of those which have a mix of green and blue in one angle or different angles.

9) Are the very deep blue/purple tinted cards that are very hard to view considered as defective or are they ok?

Thank you in advance. Again, pardon for the many questions. I just want to know more about the hologram cards that I recently received. I'm just curious because I got a set (4 cards) of Marvel universe from ebay and two cards were bluegreen, one green, one yellow. And the Spider-Man set (4 cards) I got were one red Carnage, two blue Spiderman, and one very deep blue/purple Venom that is very hard to view.
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Hi Juke
Welcome to the forum. There are many knowledgeable people here and hopefully someone will have some specialist knowledge about your holograms. In the meantime you might like to check out Jeff Allender's House Of Cards (Go here: ) which is one of our best sources of information. If you look up the sets you are interested in you will find a load of useful information about these holo's.

I would like to comment on card storage though and there is another thread running on this forum also about storage. I am a great believer in only using top quality pages to store my cards in and (personally) will not go past Ultra-Pro. These pages are acid free, contain no PVC (which is a known destroyer of cards) and also protect your cards from UV light. I have kept my cards in them for 15 years and have never noted any kind of card degradation on any cards including auto's, holo's or anything else.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks for the welcome and reply.

I agree with what you said about Ultra Pro. My cards from the 90's are protected by Ultra Pro sleeves and top loader. They are still very well protected up to now. Aside from the yellowish discoloration of the top loader, they are still very rigid. The sleeves are also good, a little slippery texture, so the cards doesn't stick to it. But I bought a 25-pc case last week, I was very disappointed with today's quality. The acrylic is much thinner & flexible. Out of the 25 top loaders, only 8 were of good quality. Most of them have bubbles or improperly adhered acrylics to the frame. I bet they would separate when dropped. The sleeves are still almost of the same quality though.

I am planning to insert these holograms in sleeves then insert them in 18mm thick magnetic acrylic picture frames. Some will be stored in top loader with sleeves though.

Also, I already saw that link before. But thank you for posting that.
It doesn't provide me what I wanted to know though.

I hope some hologram experts or someone very knowledgeable about this type of card can reply to this thread and answer my questions above.
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