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Medallion Card
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I allways assumed it was the equivalant of Inkworks one in every three boxes sort of card.

Back in the days before autographs, it was the rarest card in the set.

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If I remember correctly, this was a card that was inserted something like one every three or four boxes of a card product. It usually was a different image than other cards in the set, with a printed medallion on the back. It was generally numbered out of something like 500 or 1000, so it was somewhat rare. I think these tended to be mostly in Comic Images products (Conan, Boris, stuff like that). I find they are generally not hard to locate on the auction site, for pretty reasonable prices.
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As Will said, it was one of Comic Images insert card types. I don't think anyone else every used the term. There's a picture of a GI Joe Medallion Card on this page.
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BORIS Medallion Cards, fronts & backs. The 1st is from BORIS 4, the other two are from BORIS ALL-CHROMIUM:

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What's more I have noted a trend in pricing these cards on Ebay. The closer the card number is to card #1 (or conversely the last card in the limited edition) the higher the price. A single digit card will always command a much higher price than a middle-order number.
Human nature for the demand of being the 'first' I suppose.

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It looks like Comic Images first used the medallions in the late-1993 Sorayama 2 set. I found 41 series through 1995. Not all of them were numbered, and a few sets had both numbered and unnumbered versions as pack-pulls. When the distribution is known, ithe early sets were mostly 2:case (1:6 boxes) and the later sets were mostly 4:case (1:3 boxes).
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those were the good old days
you could buy a box real cheap and make 3-5 base sets and get some chase cards
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I remember the "old days" when collectors were complaining about too many base sets in a box thus resulting in sets worth under $5 and no place to store them.
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I remember the "old days" (early 1995) when I bought 3 boxes of Prince Valiant cards by Comic Images, and pulled from them ALL of the chase cards, the medallion card, and 2 redemptions for the autos (only 500 autos made)

Maybe they didn't release many boxes ? Smile
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I have many Medallion cards. All from Comic Images.
The quality of the images on the cards was always high def.
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