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Legit or Not Legit?
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Is what they say legit, probably.

Would I buy a base card that someone glued a piece onto and it looks like sh!t, no way.

I wouldn't be surprised if they cut some of the extra fabric that you may not see to make these cards and still re-sold the costume in its entirety.
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Legit in the fact they they probably did use the authentic costumes to make these. Wouldn't be at all surprised if they did the same as the Dorothy dress from Wizard of Oz and used pieced of the inside seams since the 'swatches' are awfully small.

Now, I'm not a lawyer. I don't know the legality of taking a licensed item, modifying, and reselling it. I didn't see any Rittenhouse cards in their stuff. Maybe they feel since Inkworks isn't around any more nobody will care.

I agree with ifish73. They look like garbage and would have almost zero resale value down the road.


BTW: On the plus side, does not appear that people are buying into these. They aren't getting the crazy bids that the Twilight homemade cards are bringing.

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I regard "homemade" items like this as novelty only and I personally have no interest in them. I also think that if they are sucessfully sold it creates a market for others to follow, which just means that more such cheaply produced items will be peddled on the secondary market.

However I could see where they might have some appeal to a hard core collector of whatever. As long as the buyer understands that the card was modified after it was manufactured, and is in that sense both unlicensed and damaged, its an individual decision, provided that the price is low and no one is talked into believing that they have a rare and valuable heirloom.

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