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November's Poll
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We've just posted the poll for November. This time, we're asking your eBay purchasing habits. Do you use eBay for some of your non-sport purchases? None of them? All of them? Let us know.

To vote, click here or use the "Monthly Poll" link at the top of this page.

Once you've voted, come back here and discuss it. Do you live in an area where you are not able to purchase cards through a local merchant? Are you fortunate that you are able to get it all locally? Let us know your habits and experiences. Post your thoughts here after you've voted.

If you'd like to view results of our previous polls, click here.


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Posts: 12995 | Location: Harrisburg, PA, USA | Registered: November 29, 2000Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Gold Card Talk Member
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I've whined about it before, but I do not have a shop near me. So far, since I've been back collecting Non-Sports all of my purhcases have been through eBay. And several trades with the great people I've met on this site.

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Posts: 3469 | Location: The Cupboard Under The Stairs, 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey | Registered: September 09, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Platinum Card Talk Member
Picture of mtlhddoc2
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1/3 of my collection was purchased via ebay, another 1/3 purchased at shows/flea mkts and the final 1/3 split between my local dealers and trades

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Posts: 7774 | Location: Censored | Registered: November 26, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Over_Worked_Mom
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eBay's the way for me - no local dealers or shops, so I guess my split is 50/50 between eBay and shows, like Philly and others. I actually do very little trading - I should rectify that, it'd probably be cheaper than eBay smile
Posts: 4053 | Location: Lansdale, PA | Registered: January 31, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Titanium Card Talk Member
Picture of wolfie
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Until about six months ago i did not have access to the internet so purchased all my cards at fairs but now i have access to ebay 90 % of my purchases are taking place on there. I still go to fairs but increasingly find myself looking at things and thinking i can get that cheaper on e-bay. I guess if everyone starts thinking that way fairs will become a victim of market forces which would be a great loss as i do enjoy going and meeting everyone. It,s something to ponder.
Posts: 29006 | Location: wolverhampton staffs uk | Registered: July 19, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Platinum Card Talk Member
Picture of Incarnadine
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I probably buy at least 90% of my cards on ebay. There aren't any good stores around for consistently buying non-sport around here, they mostly get 1 or 2 boxes of a very few types and I'm lucky if there's anything left, not to mention what they do have is usually overpriced. I'd like to do more buying in person at card shows but, alas, I have yet to see a non-sport card show locally as the few shows around are for sportscards (though i've managed to get a few non-sport gems that i guess the dealers didn't know what they had. it was a good day when I got a Buffy 3 Forever friends card, 3 Future is ours, and 3 graduation day inserts for $1 canadian each in a box simply marked as non-sport). If it wasn't for ebay I'd have probably just given up collecting completely.

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Posts: 5142 | Location: Vancouver/B.C./Canada | Registered: October 13, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
NSU Writer
Picture of Don Norton
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I've almost made the leap into eBay several times, but mostly for non-card items. Why? I have some good shops close by, I have reliable dealers i can order from via internet or mail, and I have some great traders from Card Talk who help me with singles.

i sympathize with those of you who can't find a shop nearby. Just remember, if there's a shop too close, you'd be stopping in and buying packs every day. I almost went broke a few years ago when I had 2 shops on the way home from work.

Posts: 2914 | Location: Crystal Lake, IL | Registered: December 04, 2000Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Contest Czar
Picture of barobehere
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I have been moving away from Ebay and trading more here! When My local nonsportscard/comic shop closed a few years ago I have never purchased anything from ebay. Then I started buying 100% off ebay. Then I became friends with the Sport card shop owner and he would "special order" non-sports cards for me and give me the promos he would get, then it became 60% shop 40% ebay. He is no longer active so,
In the past 3 months it has been 75% NSU trades 15% ebay 10% barrington Square Mail order.
I found on ebay that there are only a handful of people are friendly, granted they want to sell not make frineds, But I hate computer gerenated responses and the overall rudeness of most of the sellers.
I have a list of a few honest, friendly, reliable dealers and I now mainly buy from them only on ebay(Unless it is a really super deal or a fellow NSU member).
Posts: 5777 | Location: Meridian, Mississippi | Registered: November 23, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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hello all
i get my cards and comics from people that need fast money. you know how some people live pay check to pay check ,auctions,shops,dealers,friends,etc.
i only pay pennies on a dollar or 10% to 20% if the item is hot and i can make a fast buck on it.
i do not need special cards or promos,comics ,etc. to make sets. i collect what i get at a good price. i collect everything. i do not need anything and nothing is special to me. you would not believe what i save and sell. even i do not know.
i get most of my cards and comics and price guides from bargain bins at comic shops and shows because they over order.
i do not go to the new release rack.i wait a few weeks or more and guess were i find it?
these stores and dealers have to pay before they get their new items . where i live they still have 10 cent bargain bins for comics , 50 cent bins for card packs and $1.00 bins for price guides .when i go to the big citys i go to shops that have $1.00 bins for comics and magazines for 1/2 price . you know how big cities are they have high taxes and rents it is still better than auctions. there are no shipping payments, postage and insurance.
here where i live Ames went out of business i waited for the last day and got my new card packs at 90% off it came out to 20 cents a pack . i check out dollar stores also. that is where i get those 3 packs of comics that has been sitting in a warehouse for how many years. GI joe and transformers are hot now again after being cold for 10 years. they came back i hope the turtles come back also. people laughed at me when i first bought them in the bargain bins when they first came out.
auctions are ok if the price is right. but you are taking a chance.
auctions changed over the past couple years.
example:paypal charges now,ebay charges more and the more pics you have the more you pay and then the gallery charge,then you have the pic hosting service. add it up it cost almost a $1.00 to list ,collect and paypal is 30 cents and up.
who has to pay for these THE BUYER in the long run. that is who it is passed on to .
i only buy at auctions if i get a real good deal .the people that sell at auctions are not like thay use to be. now thay are trying to make their money on shipping.
i got 8 comics from one guy on ebay.but before i bid i emailed him to make sure he combined shipping.he emailed and told me he did but when i won his auctions for $1.00 and $1.99 a comic he changed his mind because he did not get the price he wanted. it was not my fault he listed them cheap. once i told him i saved his emails and was going to send them to ebay he changed his mind and wanted to ship them to me for free. but i paid him what he said in the first email to me. i did not want him to ship for free to me. i put him in his place.
i combine on shipping when i sell. people pay what it cost me to insure and mail i do not try to make money on S/H. i am just happy to get what i asked for and them some more $$$$$$$$
i also like to trade here at nsu . you see my posts i like to be suprised. i am happy with everyone i traded with and what they sent me .almost all the cards i got so far in trades i do not have. all the members here at NSU make me happy when i open the mail. like the vargas card i had for trade i sent every person two cards. one to trade and one to keep.
Posts: 121 | Location: paupack , pa , usa | Registered: August 06, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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