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June's Poll
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We just posted a new poll for June...Which of the following do you think has the potential to become the next big franchise ala Star Trek or X-Files: Andromeda, Black Scorpion, Earth: Final Conflict, Farscape, First Wave or Lexx. Vote here:

Then come back here and tell us why you voted for what you did.
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Yes, I voted Farscape as well (though I'm not a hge fan, mainly because I haven't actually seen much of it yet!) - it's the only one of the current shows that comes anywhere close to Trek in terms (from the episodes I HAVE seen) storytelling, action and humour.
What will happen when the new 'Trek' show, Enterprise, turns up is anyones guess - will it continue the Trek line (even thoug hthe 'Star Trek' tag has been dropped. or will it go in a different direction?

As for Babylon 5 - also agreed. If the forthcoming 'tv movie' Legend of the Rangers gets made into a series, hopefully that will bean a continuation of the trading card range (why was it that Crusade never got a set of it's own, apart from the CCG?)
Au Res.,
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I also voted for "Farscape". It manages to keep its tongue planted firmly in its cheek and avoids toppling over the edge. Interesting characters keep things rolling. And I'm a sucker for the effects the Henson shop can produce.

"Andromeda": Sounded too much like "Star Trek" meets "Babylon 5" for me to be interested, so I passed.

"Black Scorpion": *yawn* I'm all for camp and all that rot, but this one pushes it too far for my tastes.

"First Wave": took the t&a track to increase ratings.

"Earth: Final Conflict": Never really watched it. Didn't really sound like it would hook me.

"Lexx": I can't really describe what I think that ship looks like. This is a family show...
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I have to go with Farscape as well. I'm really looking forward to the second season set from Rittenhouse. I'm looking forward to the Lexx set from Dynamic Forces as well, but I'm not so sure it has the long term potential that Farscape does.

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