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SWTC Gives Back -- Looking for your help!
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I received the following tonight from Cathy over at Please give it a look.

Okay, so every year, SWTC Gives Back selects a different charity. This year, we have selected the American Cancer Society. The ACS has declared themselves the official sponsor of birthdays, and they are promoting as part of their campaign, because a 'world with less cancer is a world with more birthdays.'

Traditionally, SWTC Gives Back has held a series of mini-auctions and sales of items donated to the site by members and myself. When items are sold, buyers 'pay' for the item by making a donation directly to the chosen charity using our team page. The charity notifies us of the donation, and I mail the item. In choosing ACS and their More Birthday's theme as this year's charity, instead of a single 'big' event, we'll do a number of smaller events (birthday's happen every day, so should our efforts to do good in the world).

I would love to have members of the SWTC site and others (please volunteer or ask your friends) create custom art cards with their interpretation of the More Birthday's theme. On the card back, it would be great to include the URL, along with a reference to SWTC Gives Back 2010-2011. We will either sell or auction off the cards in a series of small events during the year (up until the date of the ACS event our team is signed up for - my sister's birthday, May 20, 2011). Artists can either choose to set a fixed price for their card (if it doesn't sell, it will be returned to the artist) or choose to allow it to be auctions (all starting bids will be made $10). Cards to not have to have a Star Wars theme, but it would be great if the card was representative of the site in some way (Star Wars, card collecting, etc.) in addition to the More Birthdays' theme. I do have a small number of blank cards if someone needs a few to try making a SWTC Gives Back 2010-2011 custom art card. Red Face)

Mini-Auction / Sales will be announced in advance, and promoted on SWTC as well as other sites who are kind enough to promote the event. The first event will happen the first week of October, with items primarily from Celebration V, as well as some items previously donated by site members. I will begin posting previews of the items shortly. For our 2010-2011 events, all items will have a minimum of $10 opening bid or set price. The ACS site accepts credit card payments. To ensure that all money goes directly to the charity, this is the only method of payment accepted for auction items. This won't be our only event however, and anyone interested in donating or helping out in some way, feel free to contact me. During our first event, you will have an opportunity to receive one of the very limited 3D Celebration V widevision cards created by Duncan! The first ever true trading card created to promote our site. There will also be an opportunity for one of 30 VERY rare (only 30 folks) oversized card prints or autographed cards.

So, get ready for October 1st, and if you know someone who might be interested in creating a card for our SWTC Gives Back 2010-2011 campaign, please forward this information to them, or have them contact me at using the cathy@ e-mail address.


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Look forward to it, allways nice to help Cathy out. Smile

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