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Advertising on Card Talk
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We've decided to give advertising on NSU's Card Talk a try. This is only a trial and if we find it doesn't work or starts to detract from the board, it will be discontinued. We have really tried to listen to the comments made in the advertising poll in an effort to make advertising on Card Talk a welcome addition.

Here's how we will implement advertising. You may purchase a Card Talk Seller's Pass through the NSU Store. The cost will be $25 (U.S.) for four months. Once we have received your order for the pass and have charged your credit card (you may also pay by PayPal through the store), we will add your name to our seller's group. Only those in the group will be able to post in the advertising forum. This process is not fully automated so you'll have to allow us one to two business days to get everything set up for you. Once it's set up, we'll e-mail to let you know it's done.

Each seller will get his/her own thread in the advertising area. There will be just one topic (thread) per registered seller so if we have 20 sellers sign up, then the sellers forum will consist of just 20 sellers topics. Furthermore, each seller must post all of his/her items in one posting. We ask that you limit your post to 500 lines. You may include anything you like in your posting. You may also include pictures but you will need to host them yourself. If you have any questions about how to include pictures, please e-mail me ( You may edit your post as often as you like.

Anyone may become a Card Talk seller except card manufacturers, distributors (i.e. those who sell cards and related items to dealers) and their employees. We hope to expand the options to allow those with fewer items to sell to do so at a lower rate once we determine the advertising program will be ongoing. If there is demand, we may also add space for manufacturers and/or distributors.

Now, on to the part for buyers. Anyone interested in purchasing items from Card Talk sellers should contact the seller directly via e-mail (or phone or mail if supplied), not by responding on the board. That was easy, huh?

And finally, the small print. As noted earlier, this program is experimental. NSU reserves the right to cancel it at any time. Furthermore, there will be no refunds to registered sellers unless the program is prematurely withdrawn. Additional information and rules will be listed in a topic entitled "Card Talk Buyers/Sellers Guidelines and Rules" to be posted in the advertising area.


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