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Robbery Scam Alert
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Hello All:

We received the e-mail below from Autograph magazine. Let me put a disclaimer here and say that I make no claims to the validity of this story but I did verify that Autograph magazine has this story on their site (as the e-mail says) and I also verified that this is NOT on Snopes (that I could find, anyway). Autograph Magazine has been around for quite some time.

Robbery Scam Alert:
Life-Threatening Risk to All Owners of Collectibles



Please Beware:
There is a potentially life-threatening scam to rob cash-strapped owners of collectibles, jewelry and other valuables. Emails are going out by the thousands or more offering to immediately buy your collectibles and other valuables. Recipients are asked to reply with lists of their collectibles--and their name, home address and telephone number.

Do not respond--even if the email apparently comes from someone that you know. Scammers can cloak their actual email address under the name and email of someone you may know and trust.

I'm Steve Cyrkin, publisher of Autograph magazine. We have received many of these emails, all from different email addresses, since yesterday, Friday February 20. This is an email version of a scam found in print and online classified ads that has lead to thousands of armed robberies, burglaries, and in many cases, the death or injury of the victims.

This is the text of the emails we received, but different versions are probably out there:

Subject: Am interested in buying your collectibles
I Am interested in buying your collectibles listed above and i would like to know if its still available because i will like to make an instant purchase,so pls do respond back to me with the Amount of your collectibles so i can start making the arrangement to buy your collectibles I will also like you to know that i will be paying via Cashier check,and it will be over night payment due to the distance .Regarding the shipping,You do not have to bother yourself for the shipping as I'll instruct my Client to send down his shipper across
to you for the pick-up of the (collectibles) as soon as you receive the payment. And also be (NOTIFY)that my client shall be including an (Over Payment) in the check he will be sending to you in which you shall deduct the money for the(collectibles)and then send the rest to the shipper who will be coming across to you for the pick up of the (collectibles). So i will need you to provide me with the following information to facilitate the mailing of
the check...

1.Your full name
2.Your mailing address be it residential
3.Your phone number.
4, The amount of the Item

Please Directly Contact me by [ ]
**Once again ,I will like you to know that you will not be responsible
for shipping, i will have my mover come over as soon as you have your
payment cashed

Money is tight these days, so scams like these are sure to start spreading around the internet. No matter how tempting the email sounds, please do not respond. It could cost you more than your valuables--it could cost your life or the life of your loved ones.

There are many safe and reputable dealers you can turn to if you need to sell, whether you have autographs, coins, sports items, jewelry or other collectibles or valuables. Good places to start looking for them are the websites of collector organizations, dealer organizations or magazines that serve that field. It doesn't replace being prudent, doing your research and checking dealer references and the Better Business Bureau, but it will greatly reduce your risk.

This same alert is also on our web site at

Be careful out there...

Steve Cyrkin

Autograph Magazine
Sanders Autograph Price Guide
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Well I don't know about the armed robbery threat, that is sort of a new one. The part of the email that is familar is the reference to "over payment". That is a classic scam that has been run on eBay items, fake lottery wins and do-it-at home jobs.

Its silly, but enough people keep falling for it. Basically the Cashier's Check some stranger gives you, for whatever reason, is for way too much money. You are instructed to take your portion, which of course is generous for your trouble, and wire the rest of the money to someone else. You deposit the check, wait for it to clear and than complete the wire transfer or send your own Cashier's Check.

Guess what, weeks later the original check is returned as stolen and your Bank wants all the money from you. You are now out whatever money you wired away. If you have spent all your money your Bank will sue you.

Forged and stolen checks can legally be returned for weeks after the check has cleared your account as available funds and you are the only one on the hook. No one should ever think that "over payments" are anything but scams no matter how good the deal sounds.
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