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2021 NSU Secret Santa Wish List
If you have a wish list for your Secret Santa, please post it here so that they can pick out something that you really want!
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I've said it before, but I hate wish lists like this because it feels like I'm asking for stuff.

But, my collection is eclectic so I might as well try to help a little.

I collect sketch cards of the Marvel Character Crystal.
I also collect base and insert cards featuring her, but unless it's pretty obscure I think I'm down to just needing the 1996 Marvel Masterpieces base and that's a pricey card. So don't go there.

I also collect alien cards. Alien movie franchise and Aliens in general. A few things I'm looking for:
  • Alien Predator Universe Base Set or chase singles (have none)
  • AVP Movie A1 Auto (probably too costly)
  • Inkworks Alien Legacy Base/Chase/Binder (have none)

    I also collect pinup cards.
  • Don't have many sets from the 80's or 90's
  • Pinup sketches either official or PSC
  • Bettie Page Inserts from Benchwarmer (have none)
  • Pinup set promos (just starting this quest, so have very few)

    And finally, I collect Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn cards.
  • Dawn 15th Anniversary Glow in the Dark Chase (need all)
  • Dawn Sketches, official or PSC

    Hope this helps my Santa a bit. Or, I hope they surprise me with something wild not even on this list.


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    Duh, I posted my want list in the trading section. First and foremost, I am a Trekkie. I hate Enterprise, but I love Voyager and Discovery. I barely have any chase sets from either franchise. My favorite in these series are Burnham, Georgiou, Seven of Nine and Janeway.

    I also like GOT inscriptions, even the lesser known characters where you need a second viewing of the series to figure out who they are as long as the Inscription doesn’t just say “Game of Thrones”. Those are plentiful around ebay and some can be found for under $20.00. I collect any chase card with Arya Stark on it.I don’t have any complete GOT chase sets either.(My favorite GOT character)

    Or, like Ed above me said, surprise me. Thank you in advance to whomever is my secret santa.

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    Hello Santa, my list is pretty lengthy but most anything would be awesome from NSU subscription to what is on the list to something that you might think I would be interested in. All is good.

    Disneyland 50th (Upper Deck)[4]

    Downton Abbey (Cryptozoic)-sketch cards
    Regular Size: Allison Sohn, Bob Stevlic, Brad Utterstrom, Cat Staggs, Chris Meeks, Dan Bergren, David Deshois, M. Jason Reed, Richard Salvvcci,
    Mini Sized: Chris Meeks, David Deshois, Gabby Untermaterova, John Hawn

    Gen13 Series I {7}
    Gl3, GL8
    GA1, GA3, GA4, GA7, GA8
    Series II [8]
    OS1, OS4,
    GA1, GA3, GA6, GA8, GA9
    Wildstorm Chrome Series I Gen13 insert set
    G5, G6

    Gotham Season 1 (Cryptozoic)
    Season 1 [16]
    Autos:, TS2 Todd Stashwick as The Mask
    Costumes:m05 Maroni, m10 bruce
    Parallel foil:C05,c13,c14,v3,Q2,30,33,36,59,61,

    Season 2 [90]
    Star Power
    Red: 4 Bullock
    Silver 1,3,8,9,10,13,14
    Autos: BCMS Brian McManamon/Clayface
    Six of the Double Autograph card except NLJL
    Both Triple autograph cards
    costumes: M01 Gordon, M08 Silver St. Cloud,DM1 Gordon
    Penguin Parallel: Have 38 out of 100
    PRINTING PLATES -Will trade for any

    Harry Potter (Artbox) Lots and lots and lots of everything

    Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs White Boarder series:
    Helga Hufflepuff
    Devlin Whitehorn

    JoE Chido (Wildstorm)[5] L1, L2, L5, L6, L7

    Robots (Inkworks) [4] Sketch cards Sk1 Dave Dorman, Sk6 Mark Dos Santos, SK8, Joel Gomez, Sk10 Warren Martinck

    The Saint(Cards Inc)[7] Foil 1,4,6,9, SM2,sm3,sm4 autographs: many
    UnStoppable sets:autographs and printing plates

    Smallville 7-10 Cryptozoic [2]
    R-0M duel costume card
    Autographs: A8 Lara Vandervoot/Kara

    Star Trek Animated autographs(Rittenhouse)[15]
    A2 Lenord Nimoy/Spock, A6 Doohan/Scotty, a11 Koenig/Chekov,A14 Joan Collins/Keeler, A15 Arlene Martel/T'Pring, A16 Ricardo Montalban/Khan, a17 Nimoy/Mirror Spock, a18 Takei/Mirror Sulu
    A23 William Windom/Commodore Decker, a27 Lee Meriwether/Hosira, A30 Laurel Goodwin/Yeamen Colt, a36 Kathryn Hays/Gem, a37 Kate Woodville/Natira, A39 Yvonne Craig/Marta

    Star Trek Insurrection(Skybox)[7]
    autographs A1-A7

    Star Trek 30th Anniversary PHASE III(Skybox)[1]

    Star Trek TOS series 1 (Skybox)
    Behind the Scenes B2, B3, B4,B6,B7,b8, b14,b15,b16,b28,b30,b31,b35,b37, b39,b40,b42,b45,b47,b48,b51,b56
    Profiles P3,p4,p7,p9,p10,p11,p23, p27
    Gold cards G2 to G29

    Star Trek TOS Series 2 (Skybox) Character C110, all behind the scenes and Profile cards

    Star Trek TOS Series 3 (Skybox) [12+]
    Behind the scenes: B144,B145, B147, B157, B158
    Gold Plaque: 61,63,66,69,72,78,79
    Would be nice but not actively seeking
    Autograph challenge winner card "C"
    A59 to A85

    Star Trek Deep Space Nine (Skybox and Rittenhouse)
    Memories from the Future A19 Ric Berman auto
    Complete: autosBig Grina1 Worf/DAX, A2 O'Brien, A3 Worf, A5 Kira, A10 Odo, A11 Brashier,A13 Jadzia, A14 Weyoun, A15 Erzi
    Many from Quotable, Heroes and Villains

    Star Trek-Voyager Complete [1] Pa4 Garrett Wang as Buster Kinkaid

    Twin Peaks (Rittenhouse){2+}
    Happening Again HA1, HA2
    Autographs: Lots
    6 case Incentive
    9 case Incentive

    Twin Peaks Archives (Rittenhouse) {7+}
    Sheriff Patch SP1, SP3, SP4, SP5, SP6, SP7
    Poker chip PC1
    autos (lots)

    Vampirella (Topps) [6] both 0 promos, Horrorglow 3,4,5,6
    Widevision [17] Base 13,14,15,17,20,61,70 C1,c3,c4,c5,c6, Hologram, P1, p2, p3, p4 p5
    Breygent I: [4+] Vl1, Vl15, Vj2, Vj3 (tons of promos)
    Breygent II:[2+] Vl3, Vl10 (Tons of promos)

    Women of Marvel(Rittenhouse) [19]
    Series II: Promos P3, P5
    Embrace: E11,E12,E13,E14,E15,E16,E17, E18
    Danerous Divas I: CT3, Promos:ISp1,p3,p4
    Series II:Case toppers: E38,E39,E40,E41,E42

    Xena and Hercules Animated Movie (Rittenhouse)
    Autograph list coming soon

    X-men Archives (Rittenhouse) {3}
    Case Toppers: CT1, CT2,CT3

    ********John Alex's Wants*********
    Topps Batman (1966 series)
    My son is slowly putting it together. Needs a lot from Black, Red, Blue series, Batlaffs, Riddler backs and McLean's Toothpaste
    Just found out while he is at college he was able to assemble 1/4 of a graded Blue Bat set

    Batman Forever Metal (Fleer) [1]
    H1 Batman

    Fleer Ultra Batman Forever {5}
    Soundtrack card
    Mail away set

    Batman Begins (Topps)
    Embossed Foil Need 1
    Holograph 1,3,4,5
    Sticker 3,5,9
    Tattoos 1,2,3,5,6,7,8
    Bonus b1,b2,b3
    Costumes Batcape
    Autos: Gordon, Dawes, Pennyworth, Ducard, Scarecrow

    Batman and Robin (Skybox Widevision) [3]
    Profiles P10 Poison Ivy P12 Bane
    Celluloid Action card 4 Batgirl
    (hahaha all autographs)

    Batman Master Series (Skybox)[18]
    Villains 3 and 6
    Parallel 7,11,29,36,42,45,47,53,54,55,68,70,80,84,90

    Not Started
    Batman Archives(Rittenhouse 2008)
    Batman: The Legend (Cryptozoic 2012)

    Fright Flicks (Topps) [9]

    ICarly (Topsp) [3]
    Computer Cling 2
    costumes: Carly's Striped Scarf, Freddies Grey thermal

    Superman Returns (Topps) Updating Soon

    *********Lillian's Want List************
    Gilmore Girls
    Series I Album
    Series II 384 stickers (Updating soon!)

    The Umbrella Academy (Rittenhouse) {4+}
    Ellen Page as Vanya
    Robert Sheehan as Klaus
    Aidan Gallagher as 5
    8 of the 10 sketch card artists
    Low Priority:
    DC Legends of Tomorrow (Cryptozoic)
    Puzzle: Z1,Z2,Z4,Z7,Z8

    2018 Fleer Ultra X-Men
    stax 1a,1c,3b,3c,5b,5c,6a,6c,8a,8b,8c,
    Jambalaya Need all but 12 Rogue
    Master of Magnetism 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11,12,14,15
    X-Cuts Need all but 8,16,28,31
    Epack Achievement cards MBO, 0 Pixie, 00 Daken 000 Nejasonic teenage Warhead

    Odds and ends I am working on
    Topps Star Wars (all three black and white series, Women of Star wars)
    Wildstorm Gallery and Swimsuit
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