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July's Poll
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We've just posted the poll for July. This time, we're asking about redemption cards and product delays.

We want to know if you prefer that a company delay the release of a product so that they can include all of the autographs/costume cards or should they use redemption cards so that the product is released on-time? This question can only relate to card releases not tied to a specific date. For example, movie cards have to come out on the movie premiere date (or earlier if the studio permits it) and thus card companies might be forced into using redemption cards if stars are slow in getting their cards back to the manufacturer. But when the release could possibly be delayed, as in the case of a television card series or sci-fi nostalgia series, which do you prefer: redemption or delay?

By the way, we are not looking to say one company is better then another here. We are just looking for your opinion on the method, not the company, as this issue relates to all companies who release autograph and costume cards.

To vote, click here.

Once you've voted, come back here and tell us why you chose your selection or feel free to make further comments on redemption cards and product delays.

If you'd like to view results of our previous polls, click here


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I voted delay.

There's no extra cost involved for starters, there's a longer lead time to introduce the new set, and absence makes the heart grow fonder LOL.

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Posts: 1206 | Location: St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada | Registered: June 07, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
NSU Writer
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I will vote for redemption... if they are necessary. Card sets should be released on schedule, if at all possible.

We are lucky, most non-sport companies are pretty efficient, Inkworks always sends the card back to you pretty quickly, and with the extra redemption card to boot.
I have waited months for memorabilia cards from Fleer and Press Pass, however.
Things can go wrong, mail can get lost, like what happened to Quaint 1, but that's a rare case.

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Picture of Kristy
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I'd rather wait for the set than send in redemptions. Mostly because I worry about things getting lost in the mail and to me there's nothing more exciting than pulling an actual autograph or costume card!

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Posts: 1042 | Location: Modesto, CA USA | Registered: November 26, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Well, if I could actually cast a vote (the June poll still comes up on my computer), I'd vote for waiting. I really don't have a huge problem with redemptions, but after having been burned on them by Fleer/Skybox, I'd prefer to actually pull the cards. I've just sent 3 redemptions in to Inkworks (first time to send redemptions to them), so depending on what happens there my perspective may change a bit.


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Posts: 2767 | Location: San Antonio, TX | Registered: May 07, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Quaint1
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I voted 'Delay' - and that marks a change of heart for me. I used to quite like redemptions - it added to the thrill of things a little, and you sometimes got an extra (redeemed) card for the set.
Now, however, I've gone off them. Yes, my experience with the Sabrina card is the pivotal moment for this change, but it has been building up for a while. Redemption cards invariably mean extra expense for the collector - esp. for those of us outside of the NAFTA zone. I realise there are licencing issues, and rights issues for some sets, but the fact that there were companies restricting the availability of cards for which a valid redemption card is held, despite the fact that the same restrictions are NOT placed on the sale of boxes and packs still irks me. I know we're not supposed to name names, but a Certain company no longer prominent in non-sport, and which used to hold the Trek licence, is a prime example.
I don't much like the idea of a product being delayed, but if there is a good reason for doing so (such as ensuring that the autos/costumes/sketches are actually in the packs) then I'm all for it - the only time I would be happy with a Redemption is when it is for some item which wouldn't normally fit into a box or pack - a prop or other item of memorabilia for example. A UK company did this with a recent TV SF puppet show set (this not naming is getting tricky big grin) where the redemption card got you a set of original 1960's trading cards - nice (especially as I got one!)
Au Res.,

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Posts: 7202 | Location: Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom | Registered: November 30, 2000Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Picture of Raj
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I voted for a delay, as well. If they don't the redemption items already then we'd have to wait for them anyway. Plus it's a real pain for those of us who don't live in the US.
Posts: 3257 | Location: Luton, UK | Registered: October 07, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Platinum Card Talk Member
Picture of mtlhddoc2
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Ok, this is the trickiest question of all - especially - as Harris stated, they have a specific release timetable such as 3 weeks before a movie release, etc... I absolutely HATE redemption cards - unless - like paul said, its for something that cant be placed in a pack BUT I can see a point to it and it makes sense in some circumstances (pieceworks cards come to mind) like when they have to release a set 3 weeks before a movie premiere or the cards are made of much thicker stock and you can actually KNOW which pack has the insert (Pocahantas set comes to mind with that, I successfully guessed every pack that had a panoramic or lenticular card 9 out of 10 times when opening those packs) soooooooooo the way I see it - I would rather have a delay but surely understand why they would use redemptions in some circumstances - one of the biggest issues with redemptions is - older boxes - I seriously doubt a company which has alost a license will continue to hold and carry the redeemed product a few years later and sometimes its nice to buy an older box - I have passed on buying some of the older boxes becuase of the word "Redemption" more than once.

Posts: 7774 | Location: Censored | Registered: November 26, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of STCardGeek
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I picked delay the series. Redemption cards are a hassle, esp for overseas people (and for dealers who need to get master sets on to paying customers) They also making buying boxes after the redemption period an iffy proposition. I'd hate to pull a Berman auto card form DS9 MOF right now. It's esp. unnerving for someone who might not know about redemptions who treats themsevles to a box only to pull one..what a dicouraging first experience.....

Posts: 4246 | Location: Pittsboro, NC USA | Registered: November 30, 2000Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I say delay as well, but I think there has to be a point in time where you just release the product such as Topps does. . . if the autographs aren't back in time they aren't included in the set.

I know that sucks, but you have to stop delaying things sometime, and what if the signer never sends the signed cards back. . .

Redemptions aren't the way to go, unless the item can't go into a pack and is already on hand. Imagine being someone who paid $100+ for a Burton or Depp redemption from Sleepy Hollow!


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Picture of vorpmi2
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As a new member of this community( someone who has never seen a redemption card or and auto), I would vote for delay. Being someone with some experience in show bus. I can understand time constraints that the stars may face. If after a suitable amount of time, they still have not returned the signed cards, the company can opt to include them in a future set, or terminate their deal with the stars. At that time, the company can offer an apology to loyal customers.

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As much as I would be willing to wait for the delay, I think redemption cards should be used for the thicker costume cards instead of having them inserted into the packs. The thicker costume cards usually have a lot of white wear on the edges fresh from the pack and you immediately know which pack out of the box has the costume card inside. On the other hand, don't really know if it would be worth the risk of having the redemption card lost or damaged in the maybe the solution would be to insert the costume cards as the box topper?
Posts: 96 | Location: Manistee, MI USA | Registered: April 19, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of Colin Whyte
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Bustin' packs is about instant gratification - but redemption cards are a double thrill - pulling the redemption card & two weeks later hearing that padded envelope hitting the floor!

My Wants & Trades
Posts: 69 | Location: Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. | Registered: May 05, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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As much as I would prefer not to get redemption cards in a box...I think they're inevitable for series that are based on 'current' tv shows or movies.

Those releases have a time factor of 'interest' from the consumer, especially movie cards.

And, manufacturers pay big bucks for current licenses, and have to pay their bills...Really.if everything else is means everyone from design to printers have done their job and are waiting for their money. Manufacturers can't get that money unless they release the product.

And, though as a dealer I do find it problematical sometimes..we won't sell redemption cards to customers until we actually know the autograph is sitting available in the mfrs. office..which means I have product I can't sell yet...sometimes it's still better to have the series out. We have budgeted our orders (from many different manufacturers), our customers have budgeted their preorders...and if there's too long of a delay that all gets totally out of whack...
Posts: 622 | Location: Boston, MA USA | Registered: December 28, 2000Reply With QuoteReport This Post
Picture of dru'sgarden
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I voted for Redemption cards, and here's why....

When a card series is delayed, I'm afraid they'll change their minds, and not issue it at all. All that time waiting for nothing. frown

I've never had a problem with mailing in redemptions, and it's always a thrill getting that little thick envelope in my box smile

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Posts: 495 | Location: Massachusetts | Registered: June 09, 2002Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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I think its Kitchen sink press, who issue a 'congratulations' card, with a code printed on the back. If you phoned up, leave your postal details etc, they would mail the card.

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Perfect Mike:

That actually sounds like the ultimate redemption!
Not only do you get the chase but you get a one of a kind redemption card to put in your collection!!!!!!

Posts: 7774 | Location: Censored | Registered: November 26, 2001Reply With QuoteReport This Post
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Picture of kathywc
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there's actually a sports manufacturer doing something similar. You get a card with a scratch off spot on the back where a unique number is hidden. You go to their website and enter the number and your address, and they send you the card.

kathy wc

kathy warrior counselor
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