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FAQ Addition
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A couple of recent problems on the forum have prompted us to add the following to our forum FAQ:

Q. Why was my post edited? Can I post how dissatisfied, etc I am with a certain company, artist, collector? Don't I have the right to say whatever I want?
Card Talk is a community that is shared by all members of the industry from collectors and dealers to artists and manufacturers. All members of the community should be treated with respect in every post on the board. We don't expect everyone to agree all the time, and while we don't take sides in discussions or opinions, we will take action against persistent posters who drive others away from the community. Card Talk is not a sounding board for complaining about artists, dealers, manufacturers, or other collectors. If you have an issue with any of these entities take your issue directly up with them. We welcome diverse thoughts and opinions as long as they are respectful and constructive, negative posts are not conducive to a community atmosphere and are not welcome on Card Talk.

Please try and be courteous to your fellow members, artists and the card producers. If you could like to review our community FAQ, please click here. Thanks everyone for your help with this.
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