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August's Poll
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We've just posted the poll for August. This time, we're asking about your purchasing habits. Specifially, we want to know how much you spend on average on non-sport cards. The poll is completely annonomous so you want to have to worry about your significant other finding out!!

To vote, click here. or use the "Monthly Poll" link at the top of this page.

Once you've voted, come back here and discuss it. You might also comment here on whether you feel you are currently spending more, or less, on non-sport cards then in previous months and why.

If you'd like to view results of our previous polls, click here.


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I voted in the 50-100$ range. I'd love to spend more there are so many sets I would love to have. But since I come from a one income household, there's just not that much extra. I'm with Kennywood, food, bills, etc first, cards later.

"How dreary to be Somebody...."
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I couldn't even start to put an average on it. . . Since there are no local card shops I depend on shows, the internet and varions chains for cards.

So there can be months where I don't buy a thing, then during show season it can get almost out of hand. . .

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If you asked this question 2 months ago, my answer would have been $100 - but that has increase 4 fold - last month I spent almost $800 (for me and DisneyChick) on cards, yes, I over did it, but you only live once and I love my cards

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When I can find cards and sneak money from the wife (she'a an accountant-I'm just an ignorant street cop), I usually spend up to $100 a month. My ebay purchases may increase the amount but that just depends on what auctions I win. I almost never bid over $10 for any card and have actually received some pretty decent ones for quite less than that.
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I just took the poll and voted 200+ and 3months ago that would have been 25-50 lol
yes I am obsessed but thats why I work I guess I am just fortunate enough to have a good job to support my habit and of cours Dan there to pay my bills when I over spend lol (thanks Honey)
we love cards and we work hard and deserve to splurge on cards we dont have any other hobby and we dont go out on shopping sprees or anything like that so cards is where the majority of the spare $$ goes along with the payment of my new mustang lol

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NSU Writer
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I try to keep it under $100 a month, sometimes it's much more. There is so much good stuff coming out this summer.
I did do one thing to cut down on spending. For the new Buffy Evolution, I bought a set rather than a box. I don't need the refractors, and I'll see if I can get the 9 chase cards or box loaders later.
I have been overbuying on some sets, buying a box and then lots of packs, looking for autos or inserts. I wind up with extra sets of commons, thinking I'll sell or trade them in the future.
(Anyone want a set of Star trek 35th, Twilight Zone 3, LOTR or Complete Babylon 5?)

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