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July's Poll
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We've just posted the poll for July. We're asking for your opinion on the contests we run in Non-Sport Update. Click on the following link and then give us any extra thoughts you might have here in this thread. Thanks.

Here's the link...
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It's great that NSU offers a contest, but
I think the space could be used for better purposes than promoting overpriced and constantly delayed releases. As you know from other postings I have little patience with unprofessional practices. I'm growing weary of the "let 'em eat cake" attitude.
Perhaps you could use the space to list card seller websites. Whatever you decide please think CUSTOMERS FIRST. Keep up the good job NSU staff.
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The contests in NSU are fun and should be continued.A couple of times the stipulation of the contest is we must send in wrappers from a set, and in both of those cases the set was released late. Perhaps answering some questions pertaining to the prize or just having a simple drawing is the answer. I won a contest you ran several years ago and the prize was a set of Star Trek Movie cards, I was happy to get them.
If the prize is something you aren't interested in, don't enter, but for the cost of a stamp, winning original art, a rare auto or a box of cards is a good investment.
While xtime's response is a little harsh, his idea of a website page in the magazine is a good one.
I think most manufacturers do a fairly good job of getting their products out, and many of the delays are out of their control.
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