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October's Poll
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>>Bush said normalcy. If producing merchandise to benefit from the suffering of others is normalcy, then we need more help from above than previously thought.<<

Topps is not profiting from the suffering of others. By producing cards depicting current events, even if they are tragic, they are neither causing suffering or adding to anyone's suffering. Nor would their not producing these cards prevent any of the suffering.

>>Topps makes baseball cards, Planet of the Apes cards, super hero cards...Topps producing cards capitalizing on a tradegy is not a normal Topps venture.<<

Perhaps a little Topps history will shed a little light: Topps, since it's inception in 1948 has ALWAYS been the company collectors took to for sets depict American history and America's involvement in war. Baseball cards and the others you mention only touch the surface of what made Topps the company it is today. Don't forget, "Famous American Heroes," "Battle," "Famous Americans," "Military Emblems," "Famous Events," "Fighting Marines," "Civil War News," 3 "Desert Storm" sets, "Fighter Planes," "Johnson vs Goldwater," "John F. Kennedy," "Freedom's War," "Presidents and other Americans," 2 "U.S. Presidents" sets, "Presidents of the US" and "The Story of the Atom Bomb" not to forget other historical sets such as their 2 "Flag" sets, "Wings," "Look 'n See" "Planes," "Jets," "Scoops," etc.

>>Before Sept. 11, I dont think a large percentage of people would publically speak words of love towards their own country.<<

There is no right or wrong way to love one's country just as there is no single way to honor and love one's God. There is no handbook on patriotism, no 'accepted' way to display one's affection and loyalty, and no single way to show one is an American and proud of it. We each pay homage to our country in our own way, some sing it from the rooftops, some show their reverence by flying a flag and some silently pay their respect in private.

>>Now, everyone is a patriot, god-fearing, United States lover. Where have all these people been for the last two decades of my life?<<

We've been here all along, you just didn't notice and we had no need to put on a public display. 911 brought everyone out not just to show our respect and love for our country but to also show those who think we're weak that we have solidarity.

>>All these flags being sold all over the place: stickers, decals, window flags; everyone has jumped on the bandwagon.<<

I hardly think it would be considered "jumping on the bandwagon" if flags, stickers, decals and window flags were sold and purchased before so why now? Now is when Americans feel a need to publicly display their loyalty to our country. Now is when many Americans feel lost and unable to help or do anything to asway the pain and suffering others are feeling. By displaying our flag in all forms we, in a sense, are saying we want to help, we KNOW we are a great country and YOU can't bring us down. It's not just a sudden display of patriotism, it's a message being sent around the world that we stand as one, we back our country and we will not allow terrorism to go unpunished.

>>No matter how it is stated, producing a product for financial gain is marketing and marketing is done to make money. I don't condemn anyone for doing that. Where I condemn them is when they do it at the expense of lives and property.<<

I don't see how any company who is selling patriotic products, especially trading cards, is profiting at the expense of lives and property. If Topps didn't produce the cards, 7,000+ people would have still lost their lives. If Topps didn't produce the cards the WTC would have still been destroyed AND if Topps didn't produce the cards, the money they are donating to the relief fund would not be allocated to those who are in need of money because of the attack.

When all is said and done, I think of just how wonderful it is that I live in a country where people have the right to manufacture, sell and display flags, decals, stickers etc. without fear of repression, repercussion or restraint.

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