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Hey, man, wheres the January poll? Here, I'll pose a question: Where you upset, pleased, or indifferent to the announcement that the new Star Wars movie will feature N'Sync (sp?) members as aliens?
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I'd have to say "indifferent". I have to trust George Lucas, he must know what he's doing. Perhaps there's a bit of humorous hi-jinks in the middle of the movie where Jar-Jar Binks and In Sync have to perform an impromptu concert before the Lords of the Sith?

Oh God... it sounds pretty bad doesn't it?

Of course, there's an upside to this for us. I see; Topp's Finest Chromium In Sync Aliens chase cards, (odds 1:8).
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Todd: I know, I know....I'm really behind in getting up a new poll. Hopefully I'll do so this weekend. Your question, though, is a good one! If I don't use it, it is still something that would be good for discussion right here in this thread. What does everyone else think? Myself, I don't see what the big deal is. I think it is something kind of fun and if the story we are getting from LucasFilm about how it is simply a very brief cameo in a crowd scene, then so what! There were lots of cameos like that in Episode 1. It just makes for a neat bit of trivia.
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From what I can gather, N'Sync have pulled out after seeing the adverse reaction of SW fans.
However, there are more than enough boy bands out there to create whole crowd scenes! Get A1, Blue, Backstreet Boys, Boyz 2 Men, Boyzone, Westlife, So Solid Crew; whoever is left from Five, a few ex members of E17 and Take That, plus some of the girl bands such as Atomic Kitten, Destiny's Child, Mis-Teeq and All Saints and some of the mixed teenypop bands like S Club 7, the recently split up Steps, and HearSay; shove the m all in costumes and latex appendages, make sure every single one of them get's 1 second of on-screen appearence and wait for the teenypop fans to knock the cinema doors down!
The 'Inspired by' soundtrack could sell well...

Anyone interested in "Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clone Bands"...
Au Res.,
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How about a real serious question?...
What is your honest opinion of recent Topps Star Wars card products? For example: Episode 1 series 1,2,3d, and Evolution releases. On a scale of 1-10. Rate the quality, design, cost, inserts, wrappers, boxes, etc.
Perhaps next month we can do the same for Rittenhouse or Inkworks?

PS, My daughters are thrilled about the N boys in Episode 2. They are disappointed that they don't have speaking, I mean SPECKIN, parts. Thanks Jar Jar!!!
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