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2014 Winter Olympics
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The Olympics are something I greatly look forward to every other year as I like both the summer and winter versions equally. Topps has released a couple of knockout sets focusing on the United States team for the 2012 Summer and the current 2014 Winter Games. Both had nice autograph sets featuring 4 parallel versions of the base cards signed by the athletes and the Winter set boasts 17 autographs from Medal winners in these Games, with a chance for more as things wind up later this week.

Congratulation to these athletes, listed here along with their card numbers in the set:

4 Jamie Anderson (GOLD)
15 Kelly Clark (BRONZE)
21 Meryl Davis (GOLD) & (Bronze-Team)
39 Nick Goepper (BRONZE)
40 Gracie Gold (Bronze-Team)
42 Erin Hamlin (BRONZE)
45 Steven Holcomb (BRONZE)
49 Hannah Kearney (BRONZE)
55 Steve Langton (BRONZE)
56 Ted Ligety (GOLD)
59 Julia Mancuso (BRONZE)
63 Alena Meyers (SILVER)
64 Bode Miller (BRONZE)
68 Noelle Pikus-Pace (SILVER)
89 Ashley Wagner (Bronze-Team)
93 Charlie White (GOLD) & (Bronze-Team)
94 David Wise (GOLD)

Those are sticker autographs, but still very nicely made. In addition, there are 11 autographs from former Olympic Champions (Gold Medalists, I think, except for Nancy Kerrigan who was robbed and took only Silver) and those are on-card signatures. There were 10 of those in the 2012 set, and even more autographs from the Summer medalists of 2012 since the US did very well in Vancouver.

Hopefully, we'll be adding a few more names to the above list, and beyond those who've won medals this time around, there are plenty more cards in the regular set from medalists from previous Olympics including some who had high hopes this time around that didn't pan out, such as Gold medalists Shani Davis and Evan Lysacek, still great cards from Olympic champions.

Congratulations to all the athletes, whether from the United States or not. I am genuinely thrilled for all of those competitors who are proud of their own efforts, whether they win or not, but especially for those few who beat incredible odds to become medalists while competing against the best in the world. It just delights me to no end to see all of that hard work paying off on the biggest stage while the world is watching.

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