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What threads are most active?
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I've been wondering when collectors are on this site, what threads are most active? Mainly because of time constraints, I typically just look at "General Card Discussion" then go to "News and Rumors" and end with "General Non-Sport Update Magazine Discussion" before going on to my next activity. But a majority of the time there doesn't seem to be much new content/discussion on a daily basis so where are the more active threads? What are people reading when they are online here? I want to join that party and be a cool kid and read some new stuff Dance

Today, I have a little more free time so I've been able to look around more and I've noticed about 25-35 online with 2-12 members online. What thread is everyone reading? Are those 25-35 people waiting for those 2-12 members to add some new content? Although there are some wonderful members here that make great contributions consistently, aren't there more voices in the hobby?

There's so much variety in the non-sports card world with so many ways to collect and interact. I wish more collectors would share some of your experiences and expertise. It's takes me much a long time to muster up a post and then it usually falls flat. I know there are some interesting collectors are there. Please become members and add to the discussions so I can have some new stuff to read and be entertained. And current members, please post to point me in the right direction to where the active threads are located Thumb Up
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At 69 pages and counting, the RA Buffy thread in News and Rumors is probably the most active current thread. Threads in Greatest Hits are longer, but only the Favorite TV shows has had anything posted this year.

There is really nothing much to point out. Threads generally seem to run out of steam by page 3 if they are lucky. Most don't make it off of page 1 and barely get 3 or 4 responses before they fade away.

There are several reasons besides the main one, people like to read, but not write. Card Talk has been around a long time and many topics have already been extensively covered. Topics also split off, rather than hold together. For example every season of Game of Thrones has its own thread, where it could just as well have had one continuous thread. Some topics started are so narrow and specific, there may not be a whole lot to say about it. The box breakdowns have fallen way down, maybe because fewer collectors are buying boxes.

Then there is the habit of veering off topic. I like that because the conversation is evolving between members, but others will quickly say you are off topic and get back on. The funny part is, right after that, the whole thread usually dies because no one has anything else to say on topic. Big Grin

As you noted, there are usually many guests, but few members on at any given time. That's a little misleading because at least some of the guests are probably members that just haven't signed in. Certainly more card collectors should participate, but there are many good and bad excuses why they don't and we should appreciate the ones that do.

Bottom line is that someone has to start threads and someone has to respond to the topic started or the forums become useless as information tools. Personally I've learned a heck of a lot off of Card Talk over the years and I look forward to it continuing that way. Smile

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