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framing a ticket stub
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I have a ticket stub signed by Anna Torv that I'd like to frame along with a photo.
Does anyone know if a major retailer sells a frame like this, or do I have to get creative? Any thoughts? Thanks.

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You could have it professionally framed, but that can be a bit expensive.

If you want to get creative you could try a mounting kit or even just a regular frame. Check with a craft store like A C Moore or Michael's, they might have something that will serve your purpose.

But here's the thing, if that signed stub means enough to you that you'd want to have it framed, I would advise against it. I say that because I myself had signed photos on display at one time and after awhile they all started to show light damage regardless of the type of pen used.

I also have a celebrity signed baseball in ink that I left out in a UV protected Ultra Pro ball cube. Unless you look very close, that autograph has all but disappeared. Shake Head

I learned my lesson, now I display nothing, I'd rather preserve the autographs as best I can. Smile
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Raven beat me to it, regarding the framing. You WILL pay $$$ to get the stub and the photo double-matted and framed. You could just mount both in a shadow box (just dont stick a pin through the stub!) in either case, using true UV glass or plexi should help protect it against light damage. That's how I have my best sketches framed.


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