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Mhoponhop 2020 Cards
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I don't know if these were discussed anywhere, but back in 2020, Mhoponhop had 3 different Lucky Penny cards. They were the same as the regular Family of Rabbits promo which he gave out that year, except that they are individually numbered on the back AND a penny is glued to the back of each. They are:

# Dx/25 (The x is the number, like D9/25)

# Px/25 (Example, P10/25, P22/25, etc.)

I am not sure what the third one is numbered, but it is a Wheat Back penny, numbered to 20, and it was given out for free with promo card orders of $150 and up.
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As you mentioned the buck wheat penny card is numbered up to 20 and is handwritten like the other two.



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