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New Garbage Pail Kids Cards
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From Dynamite Comics

Brand New Garbage Pail Kids Graphic Novels & Trading Cards! The Garbage Pail Kids are BACK!
The wacky characters you love are invading graphic novels with TWO awesome collectible editions. And best of all - we have TEN ALL NEW Garbage Pail Kids limited edition collectible trading cards featuring the incredible art of Ray Lago, Tom Bunk, Jeff Zapata, Nat Jones, Bekki Sharp, Frank Kadar, Ken Haeser, and John Pound! And you can get these cards for free just by ordering the new graphic novels! There are four fun versions of each graphic novel to cover every collector and each one offers special free New Garbage Pail Kid trading cards!

Garbage Pail Kids: Origins Volume 1
"The insane minds of Adam F. Goldberg, Hans Rodionoff and Jeff Zapata have joined forces to bring you the Garbage Pail Kids as you�ve never seen them before. Topps and Dynamite Entertainment working together with this incredible trio of creators proudly present - Garbage Pail Kids: Origins! This all-new GPK book is a bad-ass, sprawling, superhero epic; we not only learn how our GPK heroes came to be... but we also reveal to the world that Adam Bomb and his gang of good guys were instrumental in the outcome of World War II and the fate of humanity!

Madballs Vs Garbage Pail Kids Volume 1
For the first time ever, Dynamite working with Topps and Cloudco Entertainment, the "heavyweights of gross" have combined forces pitting the Madballs against the Garbage Pail Kids-winner take all! The two legendary franchises have been captivating audiences young and old for over three decades, co-ruling a corner of counterculture with their pun-heavy names, subversive humor, and inventive art and design. Now Dynamite is proud to publish an ambitious story showing just how these misfits-of-mess might get along - or destroy everything around them! They're rude, crude, loud, smelly, slimy and all around,,,disgusting plus,,, they can�t get along... See the snot fly as the Garbage Pail Kids and Madballs fight, argue and compete! Which is best at sports? Who�s got the loudest rock band? Who can create the best Science Fair project? Written by Sholly Fisch with incredible covers by legendary Garbage Pail Kids artist Joe Simko, and interior artist Jason Crosby.

From what I can see, there are different ways to get all 10 cards. Most of the books that sell for $ 19.99 come with only 2 cards each. To get all 10 you have to buy the 2 hardcovers which are $ 75.00 each (one comes with cards #1-5 and the other with cards # 6-10), so $ 150 for the set of cards
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