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My Um, 3 Cents Worth...
I think my favorite article over the last few years was the one where Charlie Novinskie showed off his Batcave (where he keep all of his collectibles). (What's been yours?--anyone?)

Anyways, just putting this out there... in some other price guides they list notable sales or realized prices for some desirable, or common type items. Maybe if NSU did something like this, just a couple of inches of column or something for sketches or variant swatches, we could finally put the sketch card price discussion to rest. After all, we wouldn't be speculating on a range, just reporting actual realized sales. If people wanted to compare their stuff to that, well, it'd be up to them. It might also be helpful for things like Americana & the endless parallels. I know we are a unique hobby, but we have the only price guide I've ever seen that doesn't give actual prices, and a guide isn't itself as effective as having a quick listing which points something out.

I also like sections of other guides where they either feature a collector and dedicate 1/2 a page or so to just talking with them, or featuring pictures of collectors showing off their great pull(s). Isn't that what we all want? A sweet pull that we can rub in other people's faces and brag about? (Oh, when will my turn come? Why am I always on the getting noogied side! I'm a good person...) I'd also like to read articles where store owners could maybe tackle an article or a column and just say how their business is going, what's selling and what's not. It might be a way to get feedback on the hobby and see what trends are going on that some of us collectors might not have considered. Maybe it could even inspire some new collecting directions (or justify our current one)?

I'm still enjoying the magazine though and hope it's around for a long time --Chris

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I enjoy the magazine too, but I always take the price guide with about a ton of salt, since it does seem to have some very disparate prices that do not seem to reflect reality, at least from my point of view as a buyer.
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