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Promos for subscribing??
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I submitted my subscription order Nov '08 and wondered about the promo insentive offer. I received The Spirit NSU mag and none of these extra promos. Was the offer stopped? Thanks all for remembering Mister E. Wave Thumb Up

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Hi Mister E:

Not sure which promo incentive offer you mean?? I don't recall us having one recently. We occasionally include extra promos (non magazine cards) with orders but that's not a firm, written-in-stone kind of thing. Is that what you are referring to?

By the way, if you have a specific question about your order, you might want to e-mail me directly so I can be sure to see your question right away and respond to it. I might miss it here as I don't always get to read every post.

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Harris I thinks mr E was talking about the renew at the NEC offer JOHN

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I think JTH is right - wasn't there an offer of a free promo pack if you took out or renewed an NSU subscription at the Memorabilia show (and, I think, the Fall Allentown/Philly)?
I don't think there was a promotional offer for online or postal orders though.
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