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Roxanne's Editorial in the April/May issue
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An interesting read, and one which as you can imagine I was particularly interested in.

The initial Upper Deck post took place on the 11th of Jan. In your editorial you say that you didn't have the facts or any legal documents proving what had been said. On the 18th of Jan just 7 days later and while the thread was still very much active on the forum those facts and documents were provided. We added direct links to the court documents in question, along with a summery of what they meant in basic terms. The thread was pulled AFTER that.

This was picked up by a number of other sites, including interestingly the original hosts of the court documents Milord & Associates Intellectual Property and Trade Mark Attorneys. Thats real lawyers, not the pretend ones that people keep threatening everyone else with. They did that in This Post Dated the 27th of Jan. I source my material thoroughly I just wanted to make that point in response to your editorial.

Now I am fully of the belief that this is your forum and you have every right to edit remove and add content at your own discretion, (By you and your I mean whom ever is doing it on behalf of NSU not any one person) so when you removed the thread I never made any sort of issue about it, and it is a shame that some did, because again this is your site to run as you see fit. I (obviously) didn't agree with the decision, but I fully respect that it's your right to make it and hope others do the same.I didn't know you had to ban someone over this, that really is a shame. Hopefully you will have something more positive to talk about in your next non-sports notes.


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I thought it was a very candid editorial to put out. Roxanne didn't have to explain any of it and I'm sure some people reading NSU weren't even aware of the back and forth that was going on here at the time.

Sometimes people jump the gun in reporting what they think is news, sometimes it turns out to be misinformation or even rumor. In this UD case it happened to be the truth all along, but it would be very hard to argue that NSU should put itself in a defensive position because of Card Talk posts. I mean, it wasn't just the initial reporting of the lawsuit, but also the subsequent responses from other members that made it kind of a dicey situation. If you look at it that way, it's not difficult to see why the thread was closed on the side of caution.

However, now that it all has become a matter of record, it was really good of Roxanne to acknowledge what happened and why.
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I deleted the last message in this thread as it was not related.

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