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NSU release time
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I've been to my local news stand 3 times in the last 3 weeks since you posted the new issue on CT. They still don't have it. What is the lag time between posting the new cover on CT and it actually being available to buy?
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We post the info on Card Talk and the NSU website on or within a day or two of the magazine being shipped from the printer. For newsstands, the time can lag because there may be a warehouse or two in-between where magazines sit before moving on -- depends on the distributor. Plus, magazines are only put out on certain days of the week and if the magazine arrives the day after this, that will cause a lag too.

Having said that, your local store should have it out by now so I don't know what their holdup is.
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I used to have this problem with my store until i just got fed up of it and took out a subscription.

Being in America a subscription is definatly the way to go.

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I've had this problem too. It's partially my fault though because as soon as I see the new cover on Card Talk I rush right out within the next day or two to buy it. It took me 4 visits to my local book store and almost 3 weeks after the cover was posted here before they finally had it in stock. I know now I have to give the book stores a week or two (or three).
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