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The Johnny Depp Auto
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Ok so my dad is Scifi Cards and grr he showed me the Johnny Depp auto and it was like super mean and have you seen it!!!??? Its amazing I would Love to know what you people think.....*waits* hmmmm.........

_x_The Sales Princess_x_ Sheep

Oh Yay Johnny Depp!!!!!!!!
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Welcome to the Card Talk, Sales princess! Wave

Your dad showing the auto to you is not super mean. Yes, I have seen it but I don't have one. Being a father and a grandpa to 4 princesses, I have had to say no to them and it's not easy. I would say your father had a good reason to keep it.

I have found over the years that a princess usually gets what she wants. Maybe you should try a nicer approach to get it. Maybe wash his car/truck/van or raise your grades. Do work around the house without being asked. There are many ways to get it from him. Good luck Princess. Wave

Ed, best of luck to you! Wink


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Oh boy, another one online... Roll Eyes

Mods, feel free to move this to the appropriate area, if there is one.


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Welcome to the board Sales princess Smile
Hope you get one Smile

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